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BVF Championships

This is a 3-day, 6-weapon event held annually. For the subsequent twelve months, the results will be used for BVF team and individual selection for representative matches. These include the Veterans World Championships, the Veterans European Team Championships and various international events.


Relevance: critical, if you want to be GBR Champion.

The AGM and a social evening are also held this weekend.

BVF Age Group Qualifiers

Separate competitions are held for age groups Cat 1 (40-49), Cat 2 (50-59), Cat 3 (60-69) and Cat 4 (70+). For the subsequent twelve months, the results will be used for selection for the Veterans World Championships and Veterans European Team Championships.


Relevance: critical, if you wish to represent your country.

Veterans Winton Cup

The Veterans Winton Cup was offered to the NVA (now BVF) in 2008 by Bobby and Sir Nicholas Winton. Their wish was to have a competition between regional teams which is a social event as well as having a high standard of fencing.


County and Regional Team Events

Most organisers accept BVF as a county in its own right (and a highly successful one). This provides members with extra opportunities for competitive fencing, since selection is mostly NOT deemed to be representative. Any member of any standard who wishes to fence has the chance to do so. Simply contact the Match Secretary.

National Circuit

Many tournaments offer prizes for the highest placed veteran fencer at each weapon. This is normally restricted to BVF members.

International Circuit

BVF membership is the passport to entering Veterans events abroad. Many of the European countries have a crowded annual circuit of Veterans events, often by age group. The EVF website gives further details.


A match fee is levied at all Veterans competitions to help towards the cost of organisation.

It is the policy of BVF that fencers participating in veterans events must be current members of the British Fencing Association.