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The Selection of fencers to represent GBR uses a method whereby the results from three qualifying competitions are compiled into Ranking Lists.

The best two results are taken and totalled and then a Panel of Selectors make the selection according to the Selection Rules below.

The following events are the qualifying competitions for this season:

  • BVF Championships (Manchester) 2021
  • BVF 6 Weapon International (Guildford) 2022
  • BVF Spring Qualifier 2022 (Epee at Leon Paul Centre, London 6 March 2022, Foil & Sabre in Cardiff 13 March 2022)

Selection Criteria

Owing to the possibility that Covid may affect some fencers for both the Guildford International and the Spring Qualifiers, the Committee has altered the selection rules to give the selectors more discretion taking into account personal circumstances.

The selection rules for the Veterans World Championships 2022 and European Veteran Team Championships 2022 may be downloaded below.

Selection for the European Teams will be made as soon as possible after the Age Groups, certainly before the end of February. The selection for the Worlds will be made shortly afterwards.
Due to the effects of Covid some of the places will be decided on a discretionary basis. However the ranking results will be taken into consideration for the selection for these championships.  
If you have missed any of the Ranking competitions due to a covid issue, please email Graham Paul before 13th February, giving full details.

Ranking Lists

The points will be allocated for the qualifying competitions and displayed below. If you notice any mistakes in the lists, please contact Chair of Selectors, Graham Paul, notifying him of the error.

If your browser does not open the Ranking Lists when you press the button, right click and save the file to your computer and then open it.

Selection Panel

Chairman of Selectors

Graham Paul

Foil Selectors

Gillian Worman, Nick Mort

Sabre Selectors

Jane Hutchison, Chris Prevett

Epee Selectors

Jenny Morris, Neal Mallett