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Photo by Leon PaulThis Web site has been developed to introduce you to the NVA, its rules and the benefits and pleasures of becoming a member.

We have included as much information as we can on how to find us, how the NVA is run and by whom, what we do and also a little history.

Photo by Leon Paul

Our objective is to provide a way for you to continue to enjoy the sport of fencing, keep fit and make many new friends.

The NVA was formed in 1980 by Henry de Silva. At that time it was just an association of keen epee fencers. Today it has 667 members fencing six weapons and a growing list of international fixtures.

Photo by Leon Paul

“Why do people join the NVA? Everyone remarks on the spirit and the atmosphere at the competitions. This comes from our having a common love of fencing and interest in the skill of the sport. Vets have usually given up the regular competitive circuit but the fencing brain is still there as sharp as ever.”

“Do take the time to apply for membership. There is nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.”

Henry de Silva, President


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