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Guildford 6 Weapon International 2022

Entries are now open! This competition is part of the EVF circuit and also a GB selection event for 2022.

BVF 6 Weapon International 2022 - Guildford

This will be an EVF circuit competition for FOIL EPEE AND SABRE.


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The entry price for this competition was changed on 6 November. If you paid prior to this date and are due a refund, please contact BVF Treasurer Paul Baillache with your bank details. Thank you.

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From the beginning of December the requirements to enter the UK have been increased. Full details  can be found on the UK Government website (

Please ensure you check the information given below because the restrictions could be changed at any time. We cannot be responsible for any the information below that turns out to be incorrect.

The UK Government has stated that the restrictions will be reviewed on the 21st December, when they could be increased or reduced.

In practice, under current rules, to come to fence at Guildford you must be double vaccinated with an approved vaccine. You must self-isolate until you have had a negative PCR test. In practice most airports have the facilities to carry out rapid tests for arrivals.  The 2 day rule just means that you must have a test at any time within 2 days, not after 2 days

The closing date for the competition is the 4th December; however fencers who withdraw before the 1st January will receive a refund.

Further information

  • Results from this event will be used for GB Selection in 2022.
  • Results from this event will go onto the BVF Ranking List.