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Social Events

Civic Reception

Thursday, 31st August at 20:00

The Chief Executive of Bath and North East Somerset Council invites the participants of the World Championships to a Civic Reception in the Roman Baths.

Roman Baths

Visit the heart of the World Heritage Site. Around Britain's only hot spring, the Romans built a magnificent temple and bathing complex that still flows with natural hot water.

See the water's source and walk where Romans walked on the ancient stone pavements.

The extensive ruins and treasures from the spring are beautifully preserved and presented using the best of modern interpretation.

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Opening Ceremony

Friday 1st September at 15:00

The Opening Ceremony will take place in the Finals Hall.

The ceremony will last about half an hour and will include a welcome from the President of the FIE and the President of British Fencing.

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Closing Ceremony

Sunday, 3rd September at 17:30

The Closing Ceremony will take place in the Finals Hall.

The ceremony will include the handing of the event flag to the nation selected to hold the 2007 World Veterans Championships.

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Gala Dinner

Sunday, 3rd September at 20:00

The Gala Dinner will be held in the Assembly Rooms in the City of Bath.

Tickets will be available for purchase in advance.

The Assembly rooms were designed in 1769 and were the focal point for the social life of the affluent residents of the City.

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Friday to Sunday, 1-3 September

A number of organised tours are available. Bath and the surrounding area are rich in history.

  • Tour of Bath in an open top bus
  • Comedy tour (early evening)

A useful source of information is the Bath Tourism Office.

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On Your Own In Bath

There are many museums, shops and streets to explore in Bath. Here is a selection:

  • Assembly Rooms; Costume Museum
  • Bath Industrial Museum
  • The Abbey
  • Royal Crescent
  • Pulteney Street and Georgian Bath
  • Jane Austen Museum
  • The Holburne Museum

The following links are useful sources of information:

On Your Own Out Of Bath

  • Stonehenge
  • Cotswolds: area of outstanding natural beauty
  • Longleat House
  • Dyrham Park

The following links are useful sources of information:

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