National Championships 2007

Womens Sabre

Women's Sabre

Lynne Bornemisza, Jane Hutchison, Jenni Morris

Mens Sabre

Carl Morris, Jim Philbin, Richard Cohen
Mens Sabre
Womens Foil Women's Foil

Sarah Kellett, Dawn Townsend, Gillian Worman
Men's Foil

Graham Thornton, Tony Bartlett, Brian Causton
Mens Foil
Womens Epee Women's Epée

Mavis Thornton, Lynne Bornemisza, Fiona Haldane
Men's Epée

Howard West, Neal Mallett, Robin Davenport
Mens Epee
Men Champion at Arms

Men's Champion at Arms

Brian Causton

Women's Champion at Arms

Lynne Bornemisza with her Bath club supporters
Womens Champions at Arms

Sabre Buddies
Sabre buddies

Howard hanging on
Howard West

Linda in the DT


Rosemarie in The Times

Dawn seems pleased with her win

Pete Baron very fed up with his injury
Pete Baron



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