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BVF Secretary

Lawrence Burr has kindly taken on the role of BVF Secretary until the next AGM.

European Team Championships, May 10-13

Constitution Issues

BVF Members are advised that the Committee has decided to set aside the changes to the March 2013 BVF Constitution made at the recent EGM. The March 2013 Constitution has been reinstated.

The Committee will introduce a proposed revision to the March 2013 Constitution at a future General Meeting. In this regard, the Chief Executive of British Fencing has commented as follows:

'Like many other National Governing Bodies, British Fencing has been engaged in a review of its governance following the publication of the Government's Code for Sport Governance. I am pleased to see that the British Veterans Fencing Committee is taking similar steps to modernise its own governance.'

We must now focus on next week's European Veterans Team Championships. Once the event has been completed, we will notify members as to the date of the General Meeting at which the revisions will be considered by members.

Unfortunately, we are having to postpone the AGM planned for 2nd June, as there isn't time to prepare for this before or during the European Veterans Team Championships.

Ranking System

The BVF Ranking System is here! Click on this link to see it: Ranking

The reasoning behind the system can be seen in this document.

I have entered the results from 11 events with a wide range of formats.

You can see where you come in an age group or in the full list for a weapon.

You are welcome to make comments, the system is on trial and I expect there are bugs or the algorithms could be improved or the presentation could be sharper.

When a BVF event is published here in the Latest News it will have "This is a BVF Ranking event" against it. This means the results will be added to the rankings database.

Please note that rankings will not be used for selection until we have decided how they should be used and the membership have agreed to their use.

BVF Championships June 1-3

Entry is now CLOSED

Competition Format

Details            Timetable.

See who has entered   Rankings will be published after the closing date

This event is a BVF ranking event

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GB Vets in France

England Veterans AGM

Caption competition

Suggested European Events

Here is a list of accessible events in Europe in the 2017/2018 season.


BVF Committee meetings

The next meeting date is after the AGM (June 2), date to be agreed.

If you have any matters that you wish the committee to consider please email Gillian Aghajan

The minutes of meetings can be found on the Committee page.

Competition Organisers

If you are running a competition with veterans among the entries, then you have the option to check that the veterans belong to BVF (British Veterans Fencing).

Prepare a list of BF numbers from the entry and click on this button:

Other Veterans Events

See the panel in the Home Page for veterans events around the world


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