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BVF Championships June 1-3

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The new constitution has been approved and can be seen here

West Midlands Open

Selection for the European Team Championships

Teams for Alkmaar

Selection for World Championships and European Team Championships

The committee has amended the selection rules. The updated rules are on the Rules page.

Age Groups 3-4 March 2018

February Newsletter ..

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GB Vets in France

England Veterans AGM

Caption competition


There is now a British Veterans Fencing page on Facebook. This will be used for BVF news, photos, articles and links etc.

What was the BVF group is now Veteran Fencers Chat. This is not a BVF group, but is a friendly, informal chat group for Veteran fencers with membership from around the world.

If you are Facebook user and are not already a member of this group and would like to be, please send a Facebook request to join. It is and will remain a closed group as this makes it easier to control spam and any inappropriate posts.

Suggested European Events

Here is a list of accessible events in Europe in the 2017/2018 season.


Qualifying Age

Membership is open to Men and Women aged 40 or over or who become 40 in the current calendar year.
This is the same as saying if you are 40 or more on December 31st then you are a vet.
Vets events such as the European or World Championships have a similar rule: your qualifying age is your age on December 31st this year.

BVF Committee meetings

The next meeting date is after the AGM (June 2), date to be agreed.

If you have any matters that you wish the committee to consider please email Marcia Stretch

The minutes of meetings can be found on the Committee page.

Competition Organisers

If you are running a competition with veterans among the entries, then you have the option to check that the veterans belong to BVF (British Veterans Fencing).

Prepare a list of BF numbers from the entry and click on this button:

Other Veterans Events

See the panel in the Home Page for veterans events around the world


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