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If you are 40 or over on 31 December 2020 then you can join the BVF now and your membership will be valid until 31 December next year. The membership fee is only £15 and allows you to fence in BVF competitions, have a stab at qualifying for GBR and you will also receive our newsletters and emails packed with information about all things fencing related. It really is outstanding value!



There will be three Selection events in the first part of 2020 which will be used to select the GBR team for the Veteran European Team event and also the GBR squad for the Veteran World Championships.

The three Selection events will be:

The BVF International at Guildford - details below

The British Championships at Nottingham - details below

The Age Groups at Manchester - details coming soon

Points will be allocated to the fencers at each competition and the fencer's best two results will be totalled on a Selection Ranking Table on which the selection will be based.


The Selection Rules for 2020 have now been updated and are available on the Rules page

BVF International Open 4/5 January 2020

BVF is proud to be hosting an EVF circuit event for Epee at the Guildford Spectrum on 4 January 2020.

This will be part of a Veterans International Open 6 weapon event which will also be a BVF selection event.

This event is open to BVF members and to Veterans from all over the world so we are expecting a good turnout.

A British fencer over 40 and not a member of BVF? Join now and you will get membership for the rest of 2019 and for 2020.


The Epee event is part of the EVF Ranking circuit, and is one of four similar events across Europe.

All 3 weapons will be used for the BVF Selection process. Two other events are the BVF Championships and the BVF Age Groups

All 3 weapons will be used for the BVF Ranking process.

Please direct any queries regarding this event to the Event Manager Graham Paul Tel: +44 7968 066710

British veterans who are not currently members of BVF can join now and their membership will be valid until December 31st 2020.


Late entries are accepted at the discretion of the Event Manager and at a fee of £ 70.

Entry Form


See who has entered

BVF Championships 28 February - 1 March

Entry Form (Closing date is 14 February)     Change your entry


Details, Timetable, Hotels

This event is a BVF Ranking event

This event is a BVF Selection event


Veterans World Championships 2019

Cairo, 5-11 October

BVF Team (amended 25/9/2019)


  • Gold - Paul Wedge MFB
  • Gold - Brian Causton MFC
  • Gold - Silvia Brown WSC
  • Gold - WS Team
  • Silver - Beth Davidson WSA
  • Silver - Viv Frith WSC
  • Silver - Susan Uff WEC
  • Silver - WF Team
  • Bronze - John Troiano MFB
  • Bronze Jax Esimaje-Heath WSA

BVF Committee meetings

The next meeting date is probably in January.

If you have any matters that you wish the committee to consider please email Marcia Stretch

The minutes of meetings can be found on the Committee page.

Competition Organisers

If you are running a competition with veterans among the entries, then you have the option to check that the veterans belong to BVF (British Veterans Fencing).

Prepare a list of BF numbers from the entry and click on this button:

Other Veterans Events

See the panel in the Home Page for veterans events around the world


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