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Notice of the BVF AGM 2019

August Newsletter ..

BVF International Open 4/5 January 2020

BVF is proud to be hosting an EVF circuit event for Epee at the Guildford Spectrum on 4 January 2020.

This will be part of a Veterans International Open 6 weapon event which will also be a BVF selection event.

This event is open to BVF members and to Veterans from all over the world so we are expecting a good turnout.

The Epee event is part of the EVF Ranking circuit, and is one of four similar events across Europe.

All 3 weapons will be used for the BVF Selection process. Two other events are the BVF Championships and the BVF Age Groups

All 3 weapons will be used for the BVF Ranking process.


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GBR v GER match 17 August 2019

European Veterans Fencing launches a Ranking Circuit

Veterans Winton Cup 28-29 Sep


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Timetables:    Foil    Epee    Sabre (updated 5/7/2019)

Help please! Volunteers will be required to help lay out pistes 4-6pm on Friday BUT I do need the names of volunteers in advance for security. Please notify Marcia directly .

Veterans World Championships 2019

To be held in Cairo, 5-11 October

BVF Team (amended 5/7/2019)

Event website

Dennis Ward 1929 - 2019

It is with deep regret that we report that Dennis Ward has passed away at the age of 90.

Denis has been a member of BVF/NVA since 1989.

European Individual Championships 29 May - 2 June 2019

Ranking tables have been updated. See Rankings

Congratulations to GBR medallists in the largest ever EVF Championships - 1800+ entries!

GoldWS 4Viv Frith
SilverMF 3John Troiano
MS 5Pete Baron
WF 3Sheila Anderson
WF 5Kristin Payne
WE 5Janet Cooksey
WS 4Silvia J Brown
BronzeMF 3Mike Medhurst
MF3Paul Wedge
ME 3Hugh Kernohan
MS 5Bill Osbaldeston
WF 5Janet Cooksey
WE 4Susan Uff
WS 2Beth Davidson
WS 4Susan Uff

BVF Selection Ranking for 2019

Selection Ranking tables

The final positions from the three qualifying events have now been calculated and, subject to availability and the Selectors' ratification, places in the GBR World Championship Squad will be offered to the top four fencers named on the attached tables. In the event of equality of points the Selectors will make the final decision.

Please contact Carl Morris (Chairman of Selectors) if you disagree with any of the data.

Before making any decisions, the availability of fencers must be made known. Therefore could the top six fencers in each event (marked in bold on the table) please email Carl Morris (using the subject Cairo 2019) confirming their name, weapon and whether they would be available to compete in Cairo on 5-11 October 2019.

All correspondence to be received by 19 June at the latest.

Cairo website

BVF Championships 10-12 May 2019


Ranking tables have been updated

Ranking System

The Ranking tables are like the ones launched last April, taking in a wider range of competitions including BF Opens and overseas events.

Click on this link to see the events included in the rankings to date and for 2019: Ranking Events

Click on this link to see the Ranking tables: Ranking Tables

The reasoning behind the system can be seen in this document.

Results have been entered so far (March 2019) from 13 events with a wide range of formats.

You can see where you come in an age group or in the full list for a weapon.

You are welcome to make , the system is on trial and I expect there are bugs or the algorithms could be improved or the presentation could be sharper.

When a ranking event is published in the Calendar Of Events it will have "This is a BVF Ranking event" against it. This means the results will be added to the rankings database.

Please note that rankings will not be used for selection for the 2019 World Championships. They will be a factor in selecting the teamGBR team to face Germany in August.

Selection for the 2019 World Championships will be based on results from 3 competitions (BVF Age Groups, BVF Championships, European Individual Championships) as decided by the committee in November. The best 2 results will count.

The table of results will be pubished by Graham Paul.

John Mason

BVF Committee meetings

The next meeting date is probably in October after the AGM.

If you have any matters that you wish the committee to consider please email Marcia Stretch

The minutes of meetings can be found on the Committee page.

Competition Organisers

If you are running a competition with veterans among the entries, then you have the option to check that the veterans belong to BVF (British Veterans Fencing).

Prepare a list of BF numbers from the entry and click on this button:

Other Veterans Events

See the panel in the Home Page for veterans events around the world


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