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Veterans Winton Cup 2009, Lilleshall National Sports Centre

It may be a friendly competition but it is also serious. Mike Bradbury with the Southern Epee team

“The studio thought I was crazy to perform all of my own fencing stunts, but I loved it”

Maureen O'Hara

Photo by John Mason


Hampshire Vets

Hampshire Veterans Open 2019

Paul Wedge - took the Gold medal

Forthcoming BVF Events
Feb 02EVF Foil Circuit, Faches
Feb 08Merseyside Open, Greenbank Sports Academy
Feb 15Circuit Veterans Francais, St Maur
Feb 28BVF Championships, Nottingham
Feb 29EVF Epee Circuit, Kiev
Mar 07EVF Sabre Circuit, Bologna
Mar 21EVF Foil Circuit, Graz
Mar 28Age Groups, Manchester Fencing Centre

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Veterans Events in Europe
Jan 253 Prova NazionaleITACividale del FriuliF E SDetails 
Feb 02EVF Foil CircuitFRAFachesF SDetails 
Feb 08Stockholm Veteran OpenSWEStockho;mF E SDetails 
Feb 15Circuit Veterans FrancaisFRASt MaurEDetails 
Feb 29EVF Epee CircuitUKRKievEDetails 
Mar 07EVF Sabre CircuitITABolognaS  
Mar 07Circuit Veterans FrancaisFRADijonF S  
Mar 14Circuit Veterans FrancaisFRALavalE  
Mar 21Circuit Veterans FrancaisFRABourgesS  
Mar 21EVF Foil CircuitAUTGrazFDetails 

World Championships, Cairo 2019

Mens Sabre against a fine background


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