Foxit PDF Reader

Why FoxIt?

The well known PDF file reader is Adobe Acrobat Reader. FoxIt is less well known, is free (as is Acrobat Reader) but is smaller, quicker to download and faster in use.

We have decided to give FoxIt a try on BVF published documents.

How To Download

With windows Explorer, create a new folder in the folder C:\Program Files directory and name it FoxIt.

Click on this link

A dialog opens with the question: Would you like to open the file or to save it to your computer?

Select Save.

Select the newly created folder C:\Program Files\FoxIt

Click on Save.

Extract The File

With windows Explorer, navigate to the new folder C:\Program Files\FoxIt

Double click on the file

Select the Extract option.

Extract the files into the same folder.

Make it the standard PDF Viewer

With windows Explorer, navigate to the new folder C:\Program Files\FoxIt.

Double click on the file FoxItReader.exe.

Set Foxit Reader as your default PDF reader. That is all you have to do. Now, whenever you double click on a pdf file, the FoxIt PDF Reader will be launched to display the file.

Try It Out

Click on the link below and read all about a Veterans trip to Lapland!

If You Find Problems

Please let us know the nature of the problem by Email

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