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810BVF Confidentiality Agreement Every committee member to print and sign a copy of the agreement and send to Marcia by 14/11/19 (Hard copy only)MS, MJS, LEW, LCW, JRM, GP, GA, CM, CC, BDOngoing
834Marketing & website The Committee asked LW to put out a call for members who can help market and help develop the website.LCWDone
835Website JRM to remove addresses and replace DOB with YOB. Online application form to be amended as appropriate. Button to be added to 'remove' membersJRMDone
840CC proposed to purchase defib total package (includes first aid and small fridge. 2nd GA 6 for 1 abstain. The total package to be held by DFO to co-ordinate with Event Managers as necessary. LEW to circulate information to committee then order package. It will be provided for use at the Age Groups. Closed.LEWOngoing
849DATA CONTROL: implement a back-up to the Cloud.JRMOngoing
851Treasurer - GA to contact Caroline ref current situation.GADone
852AGM 2020 - Options were discussed regarding AGM. It is not possible to hold the AGM as planned this year as the Winton has been cancelled and it was decided (5 for and 1 abstain) to not hold a Zoom AGM, but to wait for the time being until the COVID-19 situation is such that an AGM can be held. (This can be reviewed in the next few months.) It was agreed that 'AGM documents' will be sent out to membership by the end of September - Chairman's report, Accounts etc. There is no provision in the Constitution for elections to take place other than at an AGM, and it was felt that membership will support this. Documents to be prepared and sent out to membership.LCW, JRM, GA, CCOngoing
853BVF International - GP has booked hotel with 28 days' notice of cancellation i.e. beginning of December. It was agreed that at this time it is not possible to predict if the event can take place, but the closing date for entries will be 30th November. By that time, we will make a firm decision. If the decision is to go ahead with the event, and it subsequently has to be cancelled after 30th November then all entry fees will be refunded, but not travel or accommodation. (This will be made clear on the entry form.) MS pointed out that there will be a 20% cancellation fee of the venue after 1st December. GP to contact EVF (Caryl Oliver) ref inclusion of sabre, as previously discussed with her. Proposed BD - 2nd LEW. 5 for 1 abstain GPDone
855Ranking System (JRM) - Discussion was held on the ranking system. The original plan when this was set up was to use it for selection. However, the current selection (ranking system) works well and feedback from membership in 2020 was positive. It was agreed that it was not productive to have two different 'ranking systems' and that the current ranking system (not used for selection) should be discontinued at the present time, but could be reviewed. The Ranking Sub-Committee to be disbanded. The committee expressed thanks to John Mason, Graham Paul, Lindsay Watkiss and Hugh Kernohan. JRM to inform. Website to be updated ref ranking. JRM, LCWDone
856BVF Merchandise A request had been received to be official supplier of BVF merchandise. Whilst there was no objection to this, it was felt that this could be put to tender. Committee to consider. JRM to provide details of commission received to date.BD, CC, CM, GA, GP, JRM, LCW, LEW, MJS, MSOngoing
857BVF website LCW presented various options for further development of the website. She will investigate this further and present proposals to committee.LCWOngoing

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