Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
761DATA CONTROLLER: JRM and MJS to liaise .JRM, MJSDone
810BVF Confidentiality Agreement Every committee member to print and sign a copy of the agreement and send to Marcia by 14/11/19 (Hard copy only)MS, MJS, LEW, LCW, JRM, GP, GA, CM, CC, BDOngoing
811BVF Award GA to send LEW contacts and info regarding this award. LEW to take on as a project (budget 150 per award)GA, LEWDone
813Treasurer's report GA to ask CC to send a treasurer's report to everyone including an estimate of the financial position at YE 2019GADone
814Access to bank AC for Membership secretary CC to arrange either access to bank account or submission of bank statement to Membership Secretary on a monthly basisCCDone
816Insurance for BVF international Open GP to liaise with Georgina Usher re requirements for international fencers at the International open in Guildford. To be completed by 5.12.19 GPDone
818Register BVF International Open GP to register International Open ASAP and contact LEW once doneGP, LEWDone
819Event Managers' Job Description Add in checking BF membership and registration on Sport80 to Event Managers' job description.JRMDone
821Entry for BVF Championships LEW to send the entry form to JRM to upload onto website by 1.11.19. Closing date to be 21.2.19 JRM, LEWDone
823Defibrillator the Committee discussed buying a defibrillator. Proposal to be reconsidered in consultation with the treasurerBD, CC, CM, GA, GP, JRM, LCW, LEW, MJS, MSDone
825JRM to buy branded BVF signage for use at BVF competitions. JRMDone
826Winton Cup dates LEW to inform MS of Winton dateLEWDone
828JRM to change the rules of the BVF Championships according to the committee's decision 827JRMDone
831CM to send GA two documents regarding European team selection. GA to send out for committee to discuss and vote. (Two weeks to discuss, then a vote) CM, GADone
833Ranking sub-committee JRM, GP, LEW and Hugh Kernohan to reconvene as a sub-committee to refine the ranking system with JRM as chairman. GP, JRM, LEWDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
838Selection for World Championships - 2020 It was proposed by GP that there should be a discretionary place in case of injury. The committee discussed this and felt that there should be further opportunity to look at the options and that those committee members who were not at the meeting could then have an opportunity to take part. It was agreed that GP would send proposed selection rules to GA for circulation to the whole committee. GA to set a deadline for email discussion and then call for a vote (depending on outcome of email discussion.)AGA, GP
839BVF AWARD: LEW to order two trophies to be presented at the BVF Championships.A
840CC proposed to purchase defib total package (includes first aid and small fridge. 2nd GA 6 for 1 abstain. The total package to be held by DFO to co-ordinate with Event Managers as necessary. LEW to circulate information to committee then order package. It will be provided for use at the Age Groups. Closed.ALEW
841GA to write to a member regarding numerous complaints on social media.AGA
842AGE GROUPS ELIGIBILITY: LCW proposed to change the eligibility rule for this event to be the same as the BVF Championships eligibility. The Age Groups are open only open to paid up members of BVF who also hold a BF licence. 2nd GP: 6 for 1 abstainD 
843WMO: MS to search for alternative venue for 4/5 April if possible.AMS
844PUBLICITY: LEW to write publicity for BVF to send to BF for circulation.ALEW
845REFERENCE SYSTEM FOR PAYMENTS: A system will be used to identify bank payments e.g. for Age Groups - AG XX SURNAMED 
846FINANCE REPORT: The committee thanked CC for all her work on the accounts.D 
847PROPOSED BVF Ranking Scheme: The committee felt that this proposal was not appropriate when applied to veteran category selection. D 
848BVF RANKING SCHEME: The committee has passed this to the ranking sub-committee to review.D 
849DATA CONTROL: implement a back-up to the Cloud.AJRM
850COMMITTEE MEETING ATTENDANCE: The committee has noted that a number of members have a poor attendance record and this causes difficulties for the rest of the committee. If this situation continues the committee reserve the right to replace these members.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
723Ranking system proposal - Beth DavidsonGA
724IFO reportGP
725BVF International reportGP
726DFO's reportGA
728Ranking - NotesJRM
729Data Control - NotesJRM
730Data Controller - Draft Job DescriptionJRM
731BVF International - Facebook feedback (for committGA
732Chairman's reportGA
733Membership report 2019LCW

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