Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
760BVF EXPENSES POLICY: CC to review policy.CCDone
762BVF AWARD: GA to investigate possibilities and costings.CC, GADone
790GERMAN MATCH 17 August GP to make enquiries regarding presentation T-shirts (overall event budget set at 2,500.GPDone
796EXPENSES POLICY CC/JRM to liaise re the per diem for Referees and re-write the expenses policy accordingly.CC, JRMDone
800RISK ASSESSMENT: GA to forward BF template to MS/JRM.GADone
802AGE GROUPS FORMAT: GP to send format options to committee members for consideration.GPDone
803RANKING SYSTEM: Ranking sub-committee will further investigate to define the events for the 2020 season. To refine the algorithms for point allocation. Hugh Kernohan has accepted an invitation to join the sub-committee.GP, JRM, LEWDone
805SELECTION RULES for European Teams: JRM to send 2018 Rules to GP and CM for amendment and circulation to committee for approval.CM, GP, JRMDone
806CONSTITUTION and BYE-LAWS: CM to circulate amended Constitution document and Bye-Law document to committee for comments.BD, CC, CM, GA, GP, JRM, LCW, LEW, MJS, MSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
808Co-option of specialists The Committee decided to appoint JRM as IT consultant and MF as publicity officer for the forthcoming year.D 
809Committee positions The Committee decided to co-opt LW as Membership Secretary and MS is now an elected member.D 
810BVF Confidentiality Agreement Every committee member to print and sign a copy of the agreement and send to Marcia by 14/11/19 (Hard copy only)AMS, MJS, LEW, LCW, JRM, GP, GA, CM, CC, BD
811BVF Award GA to send LEW contacts and info regarding this award. LEW to take on as a project (budget 150 per award)AGA, LEW
812Italian / German triangular GP to contact Harald Lueders and Leonardo Patti to suggest the possibility of a triangular match with GBAGP
813Treasurer's report GA to ask CC to send a treasurer's report to everyone including an estimate of the financial position at YE 2019AGA
814Access to bank AC for Membership secretary CC to arrange either access to bank account or submission of bank statement to Membership Secretary on a monthly basisACC
815Membership cards For 2020 it was decided not to issue membership cards to members. A welcoming email to be sent to new members including their numbers.D 
816Insurance for BVF international Open GP to liaise with Georgina Usher re requirements for international fencers at the International open in Guildford. To be completed by 5.12.19 AGP
817Registration with BF for BVF competitions Event Managers to register competitions with Sport80D 
818Register BVF International Open GP to register International Open ASAP and contact LEW once doneAGP, LEW
819Event Managers' Job Description Add in checking BF membership and registration on Sport80 to Event Managers' job description.AJRM
820Thanks to Lucy Wright The Committee thanked Lucy for initiating and sending out emails to the Membership.D 
821Entry for BVF Championships LEW to send the entry form to JRM to upload onto website by 1.11.19. Closing date to be 21.2.19 AJRM, LEW
822BVF Championships 2020 The Committee decided on the following fees: 40 Single weapon 60 Two weapons 80 Three weaponsD 
823Defibrillator the Committee discussed buying a defibrillator. Proposal to be reconsidered in consultation with the treasurerABD, CC, CM, GA, GP, JRM, LCW, LEW, MJS, MS
824Winton Date The committee decided that the date for the Veterans Winton Cup be 26/7 September 2020D 
825JRM to buy branded BVF signage for use at BVF competitions. AJRM
826Winton Cup dates LEW to inform MS of Winton dateALEW
827Eligibility rules The Committee decided to amend the rules of the BVF Championships Eligibility to: The Championships are open only to paid up members of BVF who also hold a BF licence.D 
828JRM to change the rules of the BVF Championships according to the committee's decision 827AJRM
829Age Groups eligibility rules After discussion the Committee decided to leave the eligibility rules unchanged.D 
830On a proposal by GP and seconded by GA CM was appointed as Chairman of Selectors.D 
831CM to send GA two documents regarding European team selection. GA to send out for committee to discuss and vote. (Two weeks to discuss, then a vote) ACM, GA
832GP to send GA the document regarding selection criteria for the World Championships. GA to circulate to the rest of the committee for discussion and then vote.AGP, GA
833Ranking sub-committee JRM, GP, LEW and Hugh Kernohan to reconvene as a sub-committee to refine the ranking system with JRM as chairman. AGP, JRM, LEW
834Marketing & website The Committee asked LW to put out a call for members who can help market and help develop the website.ALCW
835Website JRM to remove addresses and replace DOB with YOB. Online application form to be amended as appropriate. Button to be added to 'remove' membersAJRM
836Dates and Event Managers of 2020 events WMO: 4/5 April EM: Marcia Stretch Winton: 26/27 September EM: Marcia Stretch Hampshire Open: 19/20 September EM: Jenny Morris BVF AGM: 26 September Northern Age Groups: 28/29 March EM: Mike Swiffin D 
837GA to set up a doodle poll regarding a meeting in January/February 2020D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
706BVF Championships and BVF Age Groups - eligibilityGA
707Team Manager's report - World Championships CairoGA
709Chairman's reportGA
712First AidJRM
713Domestic Fencing ReportJRM
715IFO reportGP

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