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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
758BVF MEMBERSHIP CARD; MJS to investigate the possibilities of issuing cards to new members.MJSDone
761DATA CONTROLLER: JRM and MJS to liaise .JRM, MJSOngoing
772BVF MEMBERSHIP 90+ Membership Secretary to implement free life membership.MJSDone
779BVF CHAMPIONSHIPS DUMMY FENCER: JRM to send earlier Rules to GP to check. GP to circulate to committee with a deadline for comments to be followed by implementation.GP, JRMDone
780FIE VETERANS COUNCIL TO AMEND AGE CATEGORIES FOR WC: Committee agreement for GA to give feedback: preferred age categories 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ with separate DE for 75+ numbers permitting.GADone
783SELECTION 2019: The ranking sub committee will produce a document summarising the background, agreed options of 2019 selection and recommendations for the future, to be circulated to committee for approval for publication.GP, JRM, LEWDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
787SELECTION FOR VETERANS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019 The Committee spent a considerable time discussing the proposed options for 2019 selection and agreed a final document which will be published on the website. GA thanked the ranking sub-committee for all their work. Proposed: LCW 2nd: MS UNAMI D 
788SELECTION FOR VETERAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS JRM to publish agreed final document on website. GA to publish in the next NewsletterAGA, JRM
789CONSTITUTION GP to invite committee to comment on proposed constitution document vers.1 GRP 1.3.19 before the next committee meeting.AGP
790GERMAN MATCH 17 August GP to make enquiries regarding presentation T-shirts (overall event budget set at 2,500.AGP
791RANKING CO-ORDINATOR GA appointed GP in this role for 2019.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
644Chairman's reportGA
645IFO reportGP
646Ranking and Selection - 2019JRM
647Selection Rules - 2019JRM
648Ranking and Selection - Subcommittee ReportJRM
649Treasurer + Membership ReportJRM
651Domestic Fencing Officers ReportJRM
652Selection for 2019 World ChampionshipsGP
653Constitution Proposal Ver 3GP

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