Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
755Legionella Incident: GA to compile a file of information and contact other heads of international delegations.GADone
759EXAMINER FOR BVF ACCOUNTS: CC to contact David Exeter.CCDone
761DATA CONTROLLER: JRM and MJS to liaise .JRM, MJSOngoing
770SEEDING PROCEDURE: CM to do seeding from the ranking scheme for competitions.CMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
771BVF MEMBERSHIP FOR 90+ It was proposed that any BVF member attaining the age of 90 to be offered free membership for life. proposed CM, 2nd LEW UNANIMID 
772BVF MEMBERSHIP 90+ Membership Secretary to implement free life membership.AMJS
773SEEDING FOR BVF COMPETITIONS Seeding to be taken from the ranking list by the Chair of Selectors. JRM to send Rules.docx file to CM. CM to send amended document to committee with a deadline for comment.AJRM, CM
774TREASURER Sonya Mason has volunteered to undertake the role of Treasurer whilst the current Treasurer is absent. The committee has authorised SM to carry out this role. D 
775BVF MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY LCW has agreed to take on this role on a temporary basis. Agreed by committee. LCW and JRM to liaise on procedures. GA to inform MJS.AGA, JRM, LCW
776WEST MIDLANDS OPEN 13/14 APRIL Saturday: ME/WE/WS Sunday: MF/WE/WS Event Manager: Marcia Stretch D 
777FIE PASSIVITY RULE: t124 It was agreed that this rule be implemented for BVF competitions.D 
778BVF CHAMPIONSHIPS: GP proposed to re-instate the dummy fencer rule for the championships in order to make seeding fairer. 2nd: LEW unamiD 
779BVF CHAMPIONSHIPS DUMMY FENCER: JRM to send earlier Rules to GP to check. GP to circulate to committee with a deadline for comments to be followed by implementation.AGP, JRM
780FIE VETERANS COUNCIL TO AMEND AGE CATEGORIES FOR WC: Committee agreement for GA to give feedback: preferred age categories 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+ with separate DE for 75+ numbers permitting.AGA
781EVF CIRCUCIT: It was agreed to offer 2 competitions in January 2020 - F/S and E. GA to advise EVF. GP to liaise with Jon Willis for use of Leon Paul Centre.AGP, GA
782SELECTION 2019: The ranking sub-committee have spent a considerable amount of time considering the option for the method of ranking a selection system for 2019 and the future. The committee discussed these at length and GA expressed thanks to the sub committee for all their work. It was proposed that for 2019 that the agreed system will be published on the website asap.D 
783SELECTION 2019: The ranking sub committee will produce a document summarising the background, agreed options of 2019 selection and recommendations for the future, to be circulated to committee for approval for publication.AGP, JRM, LEW
785CONSTITUTION: CM to look at the Constitution and report back to committee.ACM
786COMMITTEE PROTOCOL: GA/GP/CM liaise and suggest alternative procedures.ACM, GA, GP

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
628Chairman's reportGA
636IFO reportGP
634Selection scheme 2019GP
635Discussion on Ranking Systems for 2020 onwardsGP
637Ranking and Selection - Subcommittee ReportJRM
638Ranking and Selection - Subcommittee TORJRM
639Ranking System - DesignJRM
641FIE Veterans Council's Proposal - feedback (documeGA

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