Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
721BVF INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2019: DR to investigate foreign domestic circuit timetables and report.DRDone
741WMO DFO to investigate venue/date for this competition.EVGDone
749WMO alternative. DFO to approach home country Veteran associations to each run an annual ranking competition to a consistent format. EVGDone
750BVF Championships and Age Groups 2019. DFO to contact MFC and LP Centre on availabilty for 1-3 March and 11/12 May respectively and approach prospective Event Managers. EVGDone
751BVF Championships and Age Groups 2019. DFO to confirm venues/dates and advise JRM. JRM to publish details on BVF Calendar.JRM, EVGDone
753AGM documentation. LB/JRM to circulate amended constitution with AGM papers by 13th August 2018.JRM, GADone
754Proposal for EVF Team Championships. The committee discussed DR's proposal and agreed that it should be presented to EVF Congress for consideration. GA (EVF representative) to send to EVF. Committee thanked DR for his work on this.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
755Legionella Incident: GA to compile a file of information and contact other heads of international delegations.AGA
756Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to John and Sonya Mason for all their finance work for the committee.D 
757GDPR: Lucy and Beth to review existing documentation to produce any new policy or procedures required.ABD, LCW
758BVF MEMBERSHIP CARD; MJS to investigate the possibilities of issuing cards to new members.AMJS
759EXAMINER FOR BVF ACCOUNTS: CC to contact David Exeter.ACC
760BVF EXPENSES POLICY: CC to review policy.ACC
762BVF AWARD: GA to investigate possibilities and costings.ACC, GA
763WINTON CUP: MS to liase with Carol Winton regarding an additional donation.AMS
764RISK ASSESSMENT; GA and JRM to add this to the job description for Event Managers.AGA, JRM
765EVF CONGRESS REPRESENTATIVE: JRM proposed that GA be the representative for 2019 Congress. 2nd: LEW unamiD 
766SELECTION FOR 2019: The National Championships and Age Groups will be run as normal. For selection to the Worlds the European Individual Championships will count as a third competition. The 4 fencers with the best 2 results from the 3 competitions will be selected. proposed: Graham Paul 2nd: Carl Morris vote: 5-4 forD 
767CHAIRMAN OF SELECTORS: CC proposed to appoint Carl Morris. 2nd by Graham Paul. unamiD 
768CHAIRMAN OF SELECTORS : In the future if the Chairman of Selectors is not a voting committee member they will be co-opted on to committee as a non-voting member. proposed by CC; 2nd LW unamiD 
770SEEDING PROCEDURE: CM to do seeding from the ranking scheme for competitions.ACM

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
614IFO ReportGP
618Worlds Team Selection ProposalGP
616Ranking System - a ReviewJRM
619Ranking system for Worlds selection?GP
620Team Manager's report - World ChampionshipsGA
621Chairman's reportGA
622FIE Veterans Council's Proposal - feedbackGA

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