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694Letter from H, Kernohan GA to draft letter for committee approval to be sent to HK.GADone

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704Email decision on competition (dates and venues as requested by the chair of selectors at the October meeting.) As a result of committee email and phone discussions since the meeting on 29th October, taking into consideration publication of dates on website after membership ballot, availability of venues and selection for the European Team Championships, the committee was not in agreement so GA asked for votes by email on 3 options: A: Age Groups - end of Jan/beginning of Feb BVF Champs - beginning/middle of March B: Age Groups - beginning/middle of March BVF Champs - end of May/beginning of June. C: BVF Champs - beginning of March Age Groups - June All votes were received by 17th November. Results: A - 1 (B 2nd choice) B - 4 (1 vote originally A but B then accepted) C - 3 (B 2nd choice) It was therefore agreed to hold the Age Groups in the first weekend of March and the BVF Championships in the first weekend of June, subject to venue availability. All committee members informed by GA. D 
705Competition dates and venues: 17th November EvG to liaise with MS and GP and make provisional bookings. EvG to report and make recommendations to committee for ratification. On ratification, GA to liaise with JRM to inform membership. AEVG, GA, GP, JRM, MS

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