Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
684Venues for 2018 competitions DFO to investigate venues for 2018 season in particular the period of Jan - April, when 2 venues will be required.EVGDone
688GDPR: Prepare procedures to comply with GDPR. DR to review.DR, JRMDone
695Selection Appeal Procedure: GP to circulate a draft to committee of the selection appeal procedure for consideration.GPDone
696Selection for teams at WCs: GP to set up a forum for committee and Chair of Selectors to discuss team selection in response to email received from P. Eames.GPDone
698Proposal for ranking system: Committee thanked JRM for his work on this proposal and development of software for this. Committee to test the programme and provide feedback to JRM for the next committee meeting.DR, EVG, GA, GP, JRM, JS, LB, MSDone
702Constitution: LB to make agreed amendments to the draft Constitution and to provide Rules in support of this draft. An EGM to support the acceptance of this Constitution was agreed.LBDone
703EvG, MS and GP to investigate venues for the BVF Championships and the Age Groups to be held in the period from mid-January to mid-April. EVG, GP, MSDone
705Competition dates and venues: 17th November EvG to liaise with MS and GP and make provisional bookings. EvG to report and make recommendations to committee for ratification. On ratification, GA to liaise with JRM to inform membership. EVG, GA, GP, JRM, MSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
706MEMBERSHIP; JRM to contact BF to add a prompt to the membership renewal form to add a link to BVF for fencers over 40.AJRM, JRM
707TOM CADMAN: It was decided that GA will contact Tom with a view to expressing our thanks for all his help in 2017AGA, GA
708DATA PROTECTION POLICY: Proposed to accept by GA. 2nd GP, unaniD 
709DATA PROOTECTION POLICY: JRM to publish on website. AJRM
710BVF PRIVACY STATEMENT: Proposed by GA to accept with the provision that JRM may make minor adjustments as required 2nd DR, accepted uani.D 
711BVF PRIVACY STATEMENT: JRM to publish on website.AJRM
712BVF DATA PROCESSING FRAMEWORK: Proposed by GA to accept. 2nd LB. accepted unaniD 
714BVF DATA: all committee members to delete any members database that are no longer required on their personal computers.ADR, EVG, GA, GP, JRM, JS, LB, MS
716DATA CONTROLLER: GA and JRM to create Job Description for this role.AGA, JRM
717BVF CHAMPIONSHIPS: MS to contact hotel and liaise with David Taylor. AMS
718AGE GROUPS : It was proposed by GA to confirm that the competition will be held 3/4 March at the Leon Paul Centre, the event to be organised by BVF. GP appointed Event Manager. 2nd JRM, unaniD 
719AGE GROUPS: GP to prepare statement to membership to be published on Facebook group and website and circulate to members.AGA, GP, JRM, MS
720WINTON CUP: MS was appointed Event Manager.D 
721BVF INTERNATIONAL OPEN 2019: DR to investigate foreign domestic circuit timetables and report.ADR
722DRAFT CONSTITUTION: LB to make amendments as discussed and circulate revised document to committee.ALB
723EGM: EvG to contact Peter Baron to arrange for EGM to be held at the WMO.AEVG
724 EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS SELECTION RULES 2018: Committee discussed and agreed on the following: For each team the first 2 fencers available from the 2 relevant age groups going down the Age Groups results will be selected. If two fencers have an equal result, then the fencer who won the fight between the two will be selected. A 5th fencer will be selected by the Selectors on a discretionary basis. The Selectors will select a fencer who they consider will most strengthen the team. This may be a fencer who was unable to compete in the Age Groups. D 
725EUROPEAN TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS SELECTION RULES 2018: JRM to publish the agreed rules on the website.AJRM
726SELECTORS: GA to contact Carl Morris to appoint alternate Selectors in case of conflict for all weapons and to provide a list of potential conflict of interest for all selectors and also a pro-forma letter for selectees for acceptance for selection.AGA
727APPEAL PROCESS: GP to circulate revised document to committee and Chair of Selectors.AGP
728 SELECTION FOR WORLD TEAM EVENT: Committee to discuss on Committee Forum.ADR, EVG, GA, GP, JRM, JS, LB, MS
729WORLD INDIVIDUAL SELECTION: GA to circulate agreed rule to committee and Chairman of Selectors for comments and approval.AGA
730RANKING SCHEME: JRM to continue with the next phase of development of a live ranking system. D 
731RANKING SCHEME: JRM to investigate results and nominate competitions for inclusion in the ranking system. (non competing committee members).AGA, JRM, MS
732PROPOSED BALLOT REGARDING BVF COMPETITION FORMAT: JRM proposal be rejected . 2nd LW. accepted for 5: 1 abstain, 1 againstD 
733VETERAN TEAM EVENTS PROPOSAL: It was agreed that DR put forward a detailed test competition of the format.ADR
73410/15 HITS: The committee agreed that, in principle, the idea was sound but unlikely to be taken forward by EVF and FIE.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
556Treasurer's ReportJRM
554Chairman's reportGA
557Membership Report - 2017JRM
558Data Protection PolicyJRM
559Alternative format for Veteran Team Events proposaDR
560Membership ballot on selection competion format prDR
561Selection competition format structure for ballot DR
565Proposal to run Age Groups 2018JRM
566Age Groups - DetailsJRM
567Ranking SystemJRM
569Alternative Foil & Sabre Timetable for Age Groups DR
570Alternative Foil & Sabre detailed timetableDR

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