Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
619Membership Subscription: JRM to put the membership database on the internet (secured) and move to a Direct Debit method of payment. This action will be taken after ET16.JRMDone
663Review of Constitution: GA appointed LB and JS to review the Constitution. LB and JS to provide an initial report to committee at the next meeting.LB, JSDone
675Expenses Policy: JRM proposes to offer a per diem to all necessary officials at all BVF competitions. 2ND: EvG nem com JRM proposes that the value of the per diem to be 45.00 GBP to include an evening meal. 2nd: JS nem com JRM to update the Expenses Policy on the website. GA to update the Job Description of Event Manager to refer to the Expenses Policy.GA, JRMDone
681Working Group final report: JRM to publish on website and inform membership.MS, JRMDone
682Committee statement on WG report to be published on website.JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
685Formal Complaint: Resolved.D 
686Membership Cards: Proposed not to issue membership cards in 2018 - GP Seconded: DR For 6- against 2D 
687Membership Database: Add an on-line enquiry to check membership.AJRM
688GDPR: Prepare procedures to comply with GDPR. DR to review.ADR, JRM
689Expenses Policy: JS proposed to accept the policy submitted by JRM. Seconded: EvG accepted unaniD 
690Expenses Policy: to be reviewed in October 2018.AMS, LB, JS, JRM, GP, GA, EVG, DR
691Winton Cup: A medal to be presented to the best fencer in each weapon/gender.D 
692Training: Investigate ways of improving team and individual performance. GP to set up committee forum.AGP
693Team Manager: European & Wworld Championships. It was agreed that GA would be Team Manager for these events in 2018.D 
694Letter from H, Kernohan GA to draft letter for committee approval to be sent to HK.AGA
695Selection Appeal Procedure: GP to circulate a draft to committee of the selection appeal procedure for consideration.AGP
696Selection for teams at WCs: GP to set up a forum for committee and Chair of Selectors to discuss team selection in response to email received from P. Eames.AGP
697BVF Selection Process Ballot Outcome: Committee discussed the proposal, agreed not to implement for 2018 season due to practical difficulties. To be further discussed for the 2019 season.D 
698Proposal for ranking system: Committee thanked JRM for his work on this proposal and development of software for this. Committee to test the programme and provide feedback to JRM for the next committee meeting.ADR, EVG, GA, GP, JRM, JS, LB, MS
699Alternative Timetable for BVF Championships: The Committee thank John Crouch for all the work on the proposed alternative timetable. D 
700Selection for the European Team 2018: If the BVT Championships and Age Groups Championships are held before May 2018, selection will be: 2 from each age group highest ranked fencer from BVF Championships - not already selected If only the Age Groups are held before May, the first 2 are selected + one fencer selected on a discretionary basis. To be confirmed as soon as venues and dates have been confirmed.D 
701Selection for individual World Championships 2018 First 3 available from Age Groups and highest placed available from BVF Championships D 
702Constitution: LB to make agreed amendments to the draft Constitution and to provide Rules in support of this draft. An EGM to support the acceptance of this Constitution was agreed.ALB
703EvG, MS and GP to investigate venues for the BVF Championships and the Age Groups to be held in the period from mid-January to mid-April. AEVG, GP, MS

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
538Winton Cup MS
539Expenses PolicyJRM
540Expenses Claim FormJRM
541Treasurer's ReportJRM
543IFO ReportDR
545Selection Ballot Outcome ProposalDR
547Chairman's reportGA
551Proposal for a Ranking SystemJRM

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