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649Terms of Reference for Working Group: TOR agreed in principle with some amendments to be made by DR. DR to email revised TOR to committee by 31 January. Working Group to provide interim report by end of April and full report by end of July.EVG, DRDone
679Decisions outside Meetings: A document was submitted to Committee by GP and discussed. The Committee has taken the concepts on board and agreed the following section to be incorporated into the Committee Protocol: "If a committee member considers that an urgent matter has arisen they shall discuss this matter with the BVF Chairman only. If the Chairman agrees that the matter is urgent, and must be dealt with before the next formal committee meeting, the Chairman will email the committee will details of the matter to be discussed and prescribe deadlines and any other procedural aspects. The Chairman may, at any point prior to calling for a vote, declare that the discussion is adjourned until the next committee meeting, at which the matter will be included in the Agenda." GA to update the Committee Protocol and forward to Webmaster for publication.GA, JRMDone

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680Working Party final report to committee: LB proposed that the committee acknowledge receipt of the report. Seconded GA nem com. GA proposed a vote of thanks to the WP on behalf of the committee.D 
681Working Group final report: JRM to publish on website and inform membership.AMS, JRM
682Committee statement on WG report to be published on website.AJRM
683Working Party report: JRM proposed to add a further option (C)- return to 2016 selection scheme and competition format. In parallel an overall ranking system will be established, initially not for selection. This would apply to options A,B and C. Seconded GP. For: 4 Against: 1 Abstain: 1D 
684Venues for 2018 competitions DFO to investigate venues for 2018 season in particular the period of Jan - April, when 2 venues will be required.AEVG

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535Working Group Final ReportDR

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