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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
664BVF Committee Protocol: GA presented a document to committee. Unan approved with the provision that something concerning electronic communications is added. GP to draft a bullet point concerning electronic communications and send to GA.GPDone
668BVF Open Championships 2017: The committee agreed to accept the offer from Jon Willis to run this event at the Leon Paul Centre 14-16 July 2017. EvG to liaise with Jon Willis. GA to forward all correspondence relating to this event to EvGGA, EVGDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
675Expenses Policy: JRM proposes to offer a per diem to all necessary officials at all BVF competitions. 2ND: EvG nem com JRM proposes that the value of the per diem to be 45.00 GBP to include an evening meal. 2nd: JS nem com JRM to update the Expenses Policy on the website. GA to update the Job Description of Event Manager to refer to the Expenses Policy.AGA, JRM
676Social Media: JRM proposed that the Committee has full confidence in Gillian as the Administrator of the BVF Facebook group. 2nd: JS all present entitled to vote agreed D 
677BVF Committee: EvG proposed that following recent events the Committee confirms its full support and confidence in Gillian as Chairman. 2nd: MS all present entitled to vote agreed.D 
678BVF Open Championship Trophies: The Committee was asked to reconsider the awarding of trophies at this event. Decision 666 was upheld.D 
679Decisions outside Meetings: A document was submitted to Committee by GP and discussed. The Committee has taken the concepts on board and agreed the following section to be incorporated into the Committee Protocol: "If a committee member considers that an urgent matter has arisen they shall discuss this matter with the BVF Chairman only. If the Chairman agrees that the matter is urgent, and must be dealt with before the next formal committee meeting, the Chairman will email the committee will details of the matter to be discussed and prescribe deadlines and any other procedural aspects. The Chairman may, at any point prior to calling for a vote, declare that the discussion is adjourned until the next committee meeting, at which the matter will be included in the Agenda." GA to update the Committee Protocol and forward to Webmaster for publication.AGA, JRM

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
521Draft Constitution V1LB
528SSE Lessons LearntJRM
523Chairman's reportGA
524Treasurer's ReportJRM
525Event Costs and ExpensesJRM
531Secretary's ReportMS
527SSE Event Manager's ReportMS
529AGENDA 9.7.17MS
530International Fencing Officer's ReportDR

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