Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
650BVF Championships 2018: MS to make enquiries as to the availability and Terms and Conditions of Oxstalls for March 2018.MSDone
651Referees for BVF Championships 2017: DR to liaise with David Taylor regarding recruitment of Referees. Committee approved as per diem payment of 60.00 per day maximum.DRDone
653Chairman of Selectors: GA to contact Carl Morris to take on this role.GADone
654BVF Championships Medals: MS to order the medals to be engraved: BVF Championships 2017, category & weapon. Summer Selection: MS to order medals to be engraved: BVF Summer Selection 2017, category & weaponMSDone
657BVF Open: MS to investigate possible venues - in particular Oxstalls in July (excluding 29th).MSDone
658Committee Statement to membership: A statement will be issued outlining the agreed changes to competition format shortly.DR, GA, JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
661Chairman's Job Description: The committee agreed the job description with the minor changes discussed. UnanD 
663Review of Constitution: GA appointed LB and JS to review the Constitution. LB and JS to provide an initial report to committee at the next meeting.ALB, JS
664BVF Committee Protocol: GA presented a document to committee. Unan approved with the provision that something concerning electronic communications is added. GP to draft a bullet point concerning electronic communications and send to GA.AGP
665West Midlands Open: EvG to liaise with Peter Baron.AEVG
666BVF Open Championships: The committee agreed that a BVF Open Championship will be held the weekend of 14-16 July, 2017 using the 'traditional' format of 2 rounds of poules followed by a single direct elimination tableau with all fencers. This competition will be open to all BVF members, and not just those members who are eligible to reprsent GBR in international events. The competition will also be open to members of veteran associations of other FIE federations. Gold, silver and 2 bronze medals will be awarded to the top 4 placed fencers; the trophy will be awarded to the highest placed BVF member. The Champion at Arms Trophies will be awarded to the appropriate BVF member.D 
668BVF Open Championships 2017: The committee agreed to accept the offer from Jon Willis to run this event at the Leon Paul Centre 14-16 July 2017. EvG to liaise with Jon Willis. GA to forward all correspondence relating to this event to EvGAGA, EVG
669Summer Selection Competition: The format of one round of poules followed by direct elimination was ratified. Timings and poule sizes will be adjusted to allow more fencing within the time constraints.D 
670Winton Cup: All bookings have been made.D 
671EVFC Congress: Board elections as proposed - unan Team competition format - majority agreement for relay Members of Honour recognition - majority agreement for medalsD 
672Appointment of Chairman of Selectors: Ratification of re-appointment of Carl Morris as Chairman of Selectors.D 
673Presentation on clarification of discretionary places in the selection rules by Chairman of Selectors, Carl Morris. Carl gave a comprehensive presentation with Q & A. GA thanked Carl on behalf of the committee.D 
674Review of Constitution: LB and JS are to look at this with recommendations to the committee.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
514Treasurer's ReportJRM
518International Fencing Officer's ReportDR
519Chairman's reportGA
520July Event ProposalDR

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