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Outstanding Actions

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607MANCHESTER OPEN: PB to contact Stuart Marshall to discuss the possibility of holding a competition at the new venue in Oldham. PBDone
637Peter Baron has resigned from the committee for personal reasons. GA proposed a vote of thanks to PB for his work as Domestic Fencing Officer and for his support on the committee. PB has arranged the 2016 Royal Navy match and will still be involved with the 2017 WMO. GA to write a letter of thanks to PB wishing him the best for the futureGADone
638BVF Championships: Oxstalls is not available. Manchester has been booked and David Taylor has agreed to be Event Manager. He will arrange accommodation, dinner, venue for AGM and, in consultation with DR, appointment of referees. He will be assisted by Michael Swiffin and Stuart Marshall to run the event. John Crouch has agreed to help on DT JRM to amend website and entry forms GA - Invite Mike Robinson to be on DT GA - Cancel booking with Leon Paul for pistesInform Peter GA - inform Pete Huggins of new venue GA, JRMDone
639Selection Panel: Duncan has revised his document in the light of comments from committee members. It was proposed that latest version be accepted: 4 in favour and 2 against. JRM to publish the document on the website and to amend the Job Descriptions as appropriate. JRMDone
640Rankings for competitions: Members have expressed concern about the rankings given for entries to selection competitions. Duncan to update his Competition Organisation document and JRM to publish it on the website.DR, JRMDone
645Age Groups (Summer selection Event): The date agreed is only one week after the European Championships. Find a new date that gives a larger gap.GA, MSDone
648Ranking events: it was agreed to establish a working group to establish the possibility of developing a circuit of ranking competitions. Members proposed are DR, EvG, Lindsay Watkiss (GA to invite).GADone

New Actions and Decisions

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649Terms of Reference for Working Group: TOR agreed in principle with some amendments to be made by DR. DR to email revised TOR to committee by 31 January. Working Group to provide interim report by end of April and full report by end of July.AEVG, DR
650BVF Championships 2018: MS to make enquiries as to the availability and Terms and Conditions of Oxstalls for March 2018.AMS
651Referees for BVF Championships 2017: DR to liaise with David Taylor regarding recruitment of Referees. Committee approved as per diem payment of 60.00 per day maximum.ADR
652Chairman of Selectors: It was proposed that Carl Morris be approached to take on this role.D 
653Chairman of Selectors: GA to contact Carl Morris to take on this role.AGA
654BVF Championships Medals: MS to order the medals to be engraved: BVF Championships 2017, category & weapon. Summer Selection: MS to order medals to be engraved: BVF Summer Selection 2017, category & weaponAMS
655Feedback on selection and competition format. GA circulated a document to committee summarising comments received from membership by email. The committee spent a considerable time discussing these and made a number of decisions (see 656).D 
656Feedback on selection a competition format Decisions made by committee: 1. Timetable of competitions March - BVF National Championships April - West Midlands Open (non-selection) June - BVF Summer Selection Event July - BVF Open (non-selection) 2. Master at Arms - to be re-instated by collation of results at end of season. 3. Poule format for selection events: Details of revised format will be published as soon as possible on the website. 4. Timetable for BVF Championships: Reviewed and will be published on the website with full entry details. 5. Working Group will review BVF selection and competition format at the end of 2017 season and report to committee. D 
657BVF Open: MS to investigate possible venues - in particular Oxstalls in July (excluding 29th).AMS
658Committee Statement to membership: A statement will be issued outlining the agreed changes to competition format shortly.ADR, GA, JRM
659BVF Constitution: Discussion took place and further consideration deferred to a later meeting.D 

Documents Submitted

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508Treasurer's ReportJRM
509Draft Committee Statement 2017LB
511Chairman's reportGA
512Draft WG ToRDR

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