Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
606LONDON OPEN:PB to investigate the possibility of using SportsDock for this competition. Linda Strachan is the contact there.PBDone
61080+ CAT D: DS to check outcome of the FIE meeting. JRM to check membership database to determine numbers involvedJRM, DSDone
613PRE-WORLD SQUAD TRAINING: PB to contact Jonathan Katz to discuss possible future options.PBDone
62880+ GA to contact FIE Council rep DS/CO for official update.GADone
629Pre-World Squad Sports Psychology Training: DR to contact world championship squad members to gauge interest in attending a one-day sports psychology training course.DRDone
634BVF Championships 2017: GA to contact John Crouch to ensure booking for venue for 2017.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
636Jonathan Stanbury has stood down as Chair of Selectors, but is staying on the committee. GA proposed a vote of thanks to JS for all the work he has done in his role.D 
637Peter Baron has resigned from the committee for personal reasons. GA proposed a vote of thanks to PB for his work as Domestic Fencing Officer and for his support on the committee. PB has arranged the 2016 Royal Navy match and will still be involved with the 2017 WMO. GA to write a letter of thanks to PB wishing him the best for the futureAGA
638BVF Championships: Oxstalls is not available. Manchester has been booked and David Taylor has agreed to be Event Manager. He will arrange accommodation, dinner, venue for AGM and, in consultation with DR, appointment of referees. He will be assisted by Michael Swiffin and Stuart Marshall to run the event. John Crouch has agreed to help on DT JRM to amend website and entry forms GA - Invite Mike Robinson to be on DT GA - Cancel booking with Leon Paul for pistesInform Peter GA - inform Pete Huggins of new venue AGA, JRM
639Selection Panel: Duncan has revised his document in the light of comments from committee members. It was proposed that latest version be accepted: 4 in favour and 2 against. JRM to publish the document on the website and to amend the Job Descriptions as appropriate. AJRM
640Rankings for competitions: Members have expressed concern about the rankings given for entries to selection competitions. Duncan to update his Competition Organisation document and JRM to publish it on the website.ADR, JRM
641ET16: The accounts have finally closed. The cost of ET16 to BVF was 32,105. BVF still has adequate reserves. GA proposed a vote of thanks to John and Sonya Mason for all the work they did before, during and after ET16 as Event Treasurers.D 
642Domestic Fencing Officer: GA to approach Evert van Gemeren with a view to appointing him to the vacant position following PB's resignation.AGA
643Event Managers for 2017: BVF Championships - David Taylor (Manchester) EVF Championships and EVF Rep - GA World Qualifiers - MS WMO - PB Winton Cup - MS World Championships - GA Agreed nem con.D 
644Membership cards for 2017: a vote was taken with 3 YES, 2 NO and 2 abs. Membership cards will be issued for 2017.D 
645Age Groups (Summer selection Event): The date agreed is only one week after the European Championships. Find a new date that gives a larger gap.AGA, MS
646Competition format: DR submitted options for different composition of pools in the new competition format. It was agreed to retain the original where pools consisted of mixed ages. 4 for, 3 against. D 
648Ranking events: it was agreed to establish a working group to establish the possibility of developing a circuit of ranking competitions. Members proposed are DR, EvG, Lindsay Watkiss (GA to invite).AGA

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
505Treasurer's ReportJRM
500Winton Cup 2016 reportMS
501Competiton Ranking Scheme OptionsDR
502Proposed New ConstitutionDR
503Proposed Selection Panel StructureDR
510Chairman's reportGA

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