Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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605WINTON CUP:JRM to email membership to inform them of change of date and venue for this. MS to notify the organisers of the Shropshire Open of the change of date of the Winton Cup for this year only with our apologies. JRM, MSDone
608ET16 OFFICIALS: JRM to prepare job decription for GBR Team Administrator and GBR Head of Delegation.JRMDone
612COMPETITION FORMAT: JRM to update the document from JS to include the points table used for EVFC ranking. Circulate to committee for final approvsl. Circulate document to membership with AGM documents. MS to add an item to the AGM Agenda asking for approval from membership. JRM, MSDone
615DEVELOPMENT OFFICER: There is a vacancy on committee for this position. A notice asking for applications from membership to be sent by email. Replies to the Secretary prior to the AGM.JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
616Committee Structure: GA welcomed Duncan Rowlands as Development Officer to the committee.D 
617Committee Structure: Following the decision of DS to stand down from committee, GA to write a letter of thanks on behalf of committee and membership for all his work for BVF.AGA
618Committee Structure: It was agreed that the role of International Officer would remain vacant for the immediate future.D 
619Membership Subscription: JRM to put the membership database on the internet (secured) and move to a Direct Debit method of payment. This action will be taken after ET16.AJRM
620ET16 Pin Badges: GA to order an additional 150.AGA
621ET16: GA to contact Peter and Janet Huggins to clarify the FIE equipment regulations with specific reference to 2-pin body wires.AGA
622ET16 POSTERS: GA to ask Anne Mills to design a poster together with costings.AGA
623TEAM MANAGER ET16: It was decided that for this event the role would be split into Team Administrator - Jane Hutchison and Head of Delegation - Sue Benney.D 
624TEAM SELECTION FOR ET16: Selectors presented the list, which will be published on the website. Appeal deadline midnight 20th March 2016.AJRM
625DEVELOPMENT: DR presented three documents which had been previously circulated to committee on competition format, ranking and selection scheme. Subject to minor amendments agreed by committee these documents will be put to membership including an FAQ for consultation by correspondence. D 
626DEVELOPMEN: DR to amend documents and liaise with Paul Abrahams regarding FAQ, consultation and feedback. On completion these documents with be circulated to committee before circulation.ADR
627BOB HEAD: As he is no longer able to attend BVF events with Leon Paul equipment and stand, GA on behalf of the membership, to write a letter of thanks and enclosing a small gift for his contribution to BVF.AGA

Documents Submitted

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446Proposed Competition StructureDR
447Proposed Ranking SystemDR
448Proposed Selection RulesDR
449Dom. Fenc.PB
450Treasurer's ReportJRM
451Fundraising Report - Mar 16LB
452Chairman's reportGA

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