Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
617Committee Structure: Following the decision of DS to stand down from committee, GA to write a letter of thanks on behalf of committee and membership for all his work for BVF.GADone
620ET16 Pin Badges: GA to order an additional 150.GADone
621ET16: GA to contact Peter and Janet Huggins to clarify the FIE equipment regulations with specific reference to 2-pin body wires.GADone
622ET16 POSTERS: GA to ask Anne Mills to design a poster together with costings.GADone
624TEAM SELECTION FOR ET16: Selectors presented the list, which will be published on the website. Appeal deadline midnight 20th March 2016.JRMDone
626DEVELOPMEN: DR to amend documents and liaise with Paul Abrahams regarding FAQ, consultation and feedback. On completion these documents with be circulated to committee before circulation.DRDone
627BOB HEAD: As he is no longer able to attend BVF events with Leon Paul equipment and stand, GA on behalf of the membership, to write a letter of thanks and enclosing a small gift for his contribution to BVF.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
62880+ GA to contact FIE Council rep DS/CO for official update.AGA
629Pre-World Squad Sports Psychology Training: DR to contact world championship squad members to gauge interest in attending a one-day sports psychology training course.ADR
630ET16: GA proposed a formal vote of thanks to JRM and Sonya Mason for all their hard work. 2nd: PB, unami JS proposed a vote of thanks to the successful ET organising committee. 2nd DR, unamiD 
631Development-Ranking System and New Competition Format: The Committee spent a considerable amount of time analysing and deliberating on the proposal, which was then adopted with agreed amendments. A revised document will shortly be published and circulated to membership.D 
632Development-Ranking System and New Competition Format:DR to update the proposal with the agreed amendments and circulate to committee. When agreed, the document will be published and circulated to membership.ADR, JRM
633BVF Championships: Committee to investigate trophies to be awarded to first place for each age group.ADR, DS, GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB, PHW
634BVF Championships 2017: GA to contact John Crouch to ensure booking for venue for 2017.AGA
635ET16: It was unanimously agreed that ET16 was a resounding success thanks to a brilliant team effort by all concerned.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
479Proposal Survey ReportDR
481Proposal RecommendationsDR
482Dom. Fencing - May 16PB
484Secretary ReportMS
485Chairman's reportGA
504Treasurer's ReportJRM

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