Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
518London Open: DS to liaise with PB re the orgaisation and dates for this.DS, PBDone
5255-year draft Plan: Committee members to review document produced by LB and forward comments to him.DS, GA, JRM, JS, MS, PBDone
530Tracksuits: Agreed to go ahead with Anne Mills design. Ask for a one-off sample and confirm prices.GADone
536Legacy Planning: LB to draft a letter for consideration by committee.LBDone
538Matches against Services: PB/LB to investigate.LB, PBDone
539Match with USA: DS to circulate proposal to the committee.DSDone
546Reruitment Initiative with Beth Davidson: PHW to liaise with BD re development project. PHW to draft a letter toactively promote BVF. PHWDone
548ET Commemorative customised boxed badges: It was decided to order 100. JRM to email Anne Mills to place the order.JRMDone
554ET16: DS to contact Peter Huggins/A.Ault/B.Causton/J.Milner with reference to recruitment of local volunteers.DSDone
565PH asked the role of Malcolm Fare. He sends out information, results and photos to local media. It was suggested liaison with new new editor of the Sword.PHWDone
566Survey: PH suggested that BF be asked to carry out a survey for BVF to cover all fencers. PH to liaise.PHWDone
567Survey: PH to formulate questions for a survey. see 566PHWDone
568Hampshire Open: have agreed to re-instate Vets competition. PB to agree a date in February.PBDone
569Surrey University: Andy Reynolds have offered the use of the university as a venue. DS to contact AR to discuss.DSDone
570International Match Organiser: LB suggested that an organiser be appointed to undertake this role. MS agreedMSDone
574International Match Organiser: LB to write a job description for this role.LBDone
576ET16: DS to investigate the venue and costings for either a Dinner or Vin d'Honneur.DSDone
583Ranking system: JRM to look at the BF ranking system results including NIF for senior competitions to assess how this might be used for BVF.JRMDone
585AGE GROUP COMPETITION DS to investigate the possibility of holding the Age Groups at Gloucester together with pricing.DSDone
586AGE GROUP COMPETITION MS to check with Bletchley Leisure Centre the cost of the additional hall together with using blackout on the windows.MSDone
587ET16 WEBSITE: Committee members to forward any comments to JRM by 14.9.15 Website to be switched over by 16.9.15.DS, GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB, PHWDone
589FIE Senior Plus: An email to be sent to membership asking whether or not they support the proposed change of name to 'Senior Plus' put forward by FIE Veterans Council.GA, JRMDone
591RANKING SYSTEM: JS to co-ordinate with PH to develop a future ranking system.JS, PHWDone
593Winton: GA to contact Betty Mills to accept her offer of a trophy for WF at the Winton Cup. JRM to forward the cost of the FM Trophy to GA.GA, JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
594Peter Howes has tendered his resignation due to increased work commitments. The committee thank him for his work and support. GA has emailed him. His responsiblities for Development are to be reassigned.D 
595Winton Cup - Lilleshall not available on 3/4 September 2016. It is available on different dates. PB proposed to keep the date and hold the event at Oxstalls, Gloucester, which is available. Seconded LB. Nem con. AgreedD 
596Event Management: For all future events the Event Manager and Treasurer will agree a budget and currency exchange rate (where applicable). BVF to reserve the right to claim any shortfall from participating members. (Members to be informed in advance.)D 
597Membership cards: DS proposed to continue production of cards. Seconded JS. For - 3, abstain - 3. Carried.D 
598Selection procedure: A revised selection procedure was proposed by the selectors and discussed. Some minor amendments have been made due to change of EVF and FIE competition rules. Proposed by JS to accept the procedure with agreed amendments, seconded JRM. Unanimous.D 
599Selection procedure: JRM to publish selection procedure on the website and email members to draw attention to the revised rules. A summary will be published in the November newsletter.AGA, JRM
600Competition organisation: Proposal for change of format was put forward for discussion by committee. It was agreed that a consultative document should be formulated and circulated to membership for feedback.D 
601Competition organisation: Selectors to consult and formulate document for distribution to membership. AJRM, JS
602ET16: DS presented a progress report for discussion.D 
603Pre-Worlds training: Consideration was given to 10 hit training with psychologist's input. Will be on agenda for next committee meeting. D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
419Treasurer's ReportJRM
421Secretary's ReportMS
423Domestic FencingPB
424Chairman's reportGA
428international ReportDS
427Fundraising Report - Nov 15LB

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