Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
510German Match: It was agreed to accept the invitation from the Germans for a 25th anniversary match to be held in Darmstadt in June 2015. DS to write. DSDone
545Frank Mills Trophy: JRM to purchase trophy to be awarded to best foilist, male or female, at the Winton Cup. GA to include an article in the January Newsletter.JRM, GADone
549ET16 Team Gifts: GA to contact Simoney Badges as to the possibility of adding ET16 to the existing design of BVF pin badges together with costings.GADone
551ET16: It was decided to block book the King Charles hotel for the duration of the competition.DSDone
552ET16: DS to contact Booking.com regarding hotel accommodation by 31.3.15.DSDone
553ET16: GA to produce a promotional document for European Veterans Team Championships (ET16) for approval by the committee for publication in the Newsletter, The Sword and beyond. Topics to be included: volunteers, fund raising.GADone
555Ashton Fencing Club: PB to liaise regarding a proposed competition by this club.PBDone
563Eligibility Rules for BVF Selection Events: JRM to phrase a new rule and circulate to committee for approval.JRMDone
564Ranking System: PHW to produce a draft set of ranking rules for discussion by committee.PHWDone
571ET16: GA to contact Benoit to send him the Project Plan. It should be made clear that there is no invitation to him for an inspection visit.GADone
578ET16 Website: JRM to consult with OFEC for a website for ET16.JRMDone
580ET16 Fundraising: LB to invite two further members to the fundraising committee.LBDone
582BVF Ranking system: PH to write an introduction document for members to be submitted to committee prior to publication.PHWDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
585AGE GROUP COMPETITION DS to investigate the possibility of holding the Age Groups at Gloucester together with pricing.ADS
586AGE GROUP COMPETITION MS to check with Bletchley Leisure Centre the cost of the additional hall together with using blackout on the windows.AMS
587ET16 WEBSITE: Committee members to forward any comments to JRM by 14.9.15 Website to be switched over by 16.9.15.ADS, GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB, PHW
588FIE Senior Plus: After discussion it was proposed that the BVF committee approach the membership as to whether or not they would support an FIE proposed change of name from 'Veterans' to 'Senior Plus'. 5 for, 2 against, 1 abstainD 
589FIE Senior Plus: An email to be sent to membership asking whether or not they support the proposed change of name to 'Senior Plus' put forward by FIE Veterans Council.AGA, JRM
590Team Selection ET16: The Selectors have agreed that the procedure submitted by Duncan Rowlands is appropriate. Committee to ratify. D 
591RANKING SYSTEM: JS to co-ordinate with PH to develop a future ranking system.AJS, PHW
592WINTON CUP: Thank you to Marcia Stretch who did a superb job as Event Manager.D 
593Winton: GA to contact Betty Mills to accept her offer of a trophy for WF at the Winton Cup. JRM to forward the cost of the FM Trophy to GA.AGA, JRM

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
408Winton Cup 2015MS
407Treasurer's ReportJRM
411ET16 Fundraising Report Sep 15LB
413International Fencing ReportDS
415Chairman's reportGA

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