Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
547German Match: DS to send information to JS. Selectors to choose teams according to BVF rules. JS to circulate list of selected fencers to committee by email for approval.DS, JSDone
550100 Club: GA to publish details of 3rd 100 Club in the April Newsletter.GADone
557Age Group Qualifiers 2015: JRM to email all 40+ BVF fencers to inform that the competition will not be unisex.JRMDone
558Age Group Qualifiers 2015: JRM/John Crouch to review the running schedule for the 40+ cat.1JRMDone
561BVF Championships 2016: GA to write to John Crouch to confirm him as Event Manager for 2016.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
565PH asked the role of Malcolm Fare. He sends out information, results and photos to local media. It was suggested liaison with new new editor of the Sword.APHW
566Survey: PH suggested that BF be asked to carry out a survey for BVF to cover all fencers. PH to liaise.APHW
567Survey: PH to formulate questions for a survey. see 566APHW
568Hampshire Open: have agreed to re-instate Vets competition. PB to agree a date in February.APB
569Surrey University: Andy Reynolds have offered the use of the university as a venue. DS to contact AR to discuss.ADS
570International Match Organiser: LB suggested that an organiser be appointed to undertake this role. MS agreedAMS
571ET16: GA to contact Benoit to send him the Project Plan. It should be made clear that there is no invitation to him for an inspection visit.AGA
572Age Group Championships: The eligibility rules for the Age Groups & National championships are ratfied. 'The event is open only to paid up members of BVF who hold British nationality and those who hold dual nationality on the conditiin that they have not fenced for the other nationa in the 24 months before the event opens'. D 
573International Match Organiser: A new committee role should be created to invite individual BVF members to co-ordinate matches with other countries. MS agreed to take this on.D 
574International Match Organiser: LB to write a job description for this role.ALB
575ET16: JRM provided an update on the budget, It was sugested that an alternative to a Dinner could be a Vin d'Honneur.D 
576ET16: DS to investigate the venue and costings for either a Dinner or Vin d'Honneur.ADS
577ET16 Website: An offer has been made from OFEC to design the website.D 
578ET16 Website: JRM to consult with OFEC for a website for ET16.AJRM
579ET16 Fundraising: LB gave a presentation on the current position. It was agreed that the fundraising committee be extended by a further two persons.D 
580ET16 Fundraising: LB to invite two further members to the fundraising committee.ALB
581BVF Ranking system: LB proposed that we adopt a national ranking system based on the proposal put forward by PH. proposed LB; 2nd JS 6 for, 1 abstain.D 
582BVF Ranking system: PH to write an introduction document for members to be submitted to committee prior to publication.APHW
583Ranking system: JRM to look at the BF ranking system results including NIF for senior competitions to assess how this might be used for BVF.AJRM
584Mary Glen Haig: All BVF members are invited to the Memorial Service, 24 June 11A.M. St. Martins in the Fields, LondonD 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
353Treasurer's ReportJRM
356Dom Fenc 30-05-15PB
357Chairman's reportGA
358ET16 Fundraising Report May 2015LB
359ET16 Sponsor PackagesLB
360Leon Paul Centre PicturesLB
361Leon Paul Centre 2LB
365International Fencing Report May 2015DS
364EVF Congress reportGA

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