Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
442Pilot Initiative in NE: BVF has been made aware of an initiative to recruit veteran age fencers and Committee has agreed to support this. GA to develop with NE.GADone
532ET16: The design for T-shirts with the ET16 pennant and the fencers nation pennant was approved. Confirm prices with Anne Mills. Ask for the provision of polo shirts.JRMDone
533ET16: List of roles to be posted on the website and newsletter with a request for volunteers. Names were suggested as possible candidates should no volunteers come forward.GA, JRMDone
537West Midlands Open: DS/PB to liaise on the possibility of a change of venue together with a budget plan of possible costs involved.DS, PBDone
540London Spring Open: DS/PB to investigate availability of dates and competition format at the Leon Paul centre. Circulate a proposal to committee.DS, PBDone
542ET16 Fund Raising: LB gsve a comprehensive presentation on planned fund raising and sponsorship. It was agreed that LB will liaise with DS to create a presentation package for potential sponsors. Thanks to Caryl Oliver for her contribution.DS, LBDone
543Club Membership: It has been noted that a club is showing the BVF logo on their website. BVF does not offer club membership. GA has requested that this be removed or the wording amended. It was suggested that a link to the BVF website would be acceptable if the logo is retained. GA to write to the club.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
546Reruitment Initiative with Beth Davidson: PHW to liaise with BD re development project. PHW to draft a letter toactively promote BVF. APHW
547German Match: DS to send information to JS. Selectors to choose teams according to BVF rules. JS to circulate list of selected fencers to committee by email for approval.ADS, JS
548ET Commemorative customised boxed badges: It was decided to order 100. JRM to email Anne Mills to place the order.AJRM
549ET16 Team Gifts: GA to contact Simoney Badges as to the possibility of adding ET16 to the existing design of BVF pin badges together with costings.AGA
550100 Club: GA to publish details of 3rd 100 Club in the April Newsletter.AGA
551ET16: It was decided to block book the King Charles hotel for the duration of the competition.ADS
552ET16: DS to contact Booking.com regarding hotel accommodation by 31.3.15.ADS
553ET16: GA to produce a promotional document for European Veterans Team Championships (ET16) for approval by the committee for publication in the Newsletter, The Sword and beyond. Topics to be included: volunteers, fund raising.AGA
554ET16: DS to contact Peter Huggins/A.Ault/B.Causton/J.Milner with reference to recruitment of local volunteers.ADS
555Ashton Fencing Club: PB to liaise regarding a proposed competition by this club.APB
556Age Group Qualifiers: It was proposed by GA that the 40+ cat.1 would be run as separate competition for men and women at all weapons from 2015. Seconded JS: unaniD 
557Age Group Qualifiers 2015: JRM to email all 40+ BVF fencers to inform that the competition will not be unisex.AJRM
558Age Group Qualifiers 2015: JRM/John Crouch to review the running schedule for the 40+ cat.1AJRM
559Equipment for competitions: The default position to remain hiring pistes from Leon Paul. In the event of insufficient pistes being available the Event Manager is authorised to seek alternative sources.D 
560BVF Championships 2016: The Committee agreed to appoint John Crouch as Event Manager for 2016.D 
561BVF Championships 2016: GA to write to John Crouch to confirm him as Event Manager for 2016.AGA
562Piste Stands: DS to order 2 new piste stands, to be painted and to be stored at Gloucester.ADS
563Eligibility Rules for BVF Selection Events: JRM to phrase a new rule and circulate to committee for approval.AJRM
564Ranking System: PHW to produce a draft set of ranking rules for discussion by committee.APHW

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
338Treasurer's ReportJRM
340Dom. Fenc. 22-03-15PB
341ET16 Fundraising ReportLB
342Secretary's ReportMS
343International Fencing ReportDS
344ET16 Progress ReportJRM
345Chairman's reportGA

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