Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
459British Fencing: It was agreed that LB will produce a draft letter to BF regarding recognition, integration and support for BVF. This draft will be circulated to committee members for agreementLBDone
526GBR v Germany match in Darmstadt: DS to circulate information to Committee.DSDone
527Committee: JRM to draft a job description for the role of Development Manager with a view to recruiting for this role.JRMDone
529Pop-Up Banners: It was decided to order 2 banners with the BVF logo to be available for medal presentations at competitions.LBDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
536Legacy Planning: LB to draft a letter for consideration by committee.ALB
537West Midlands Open: DS/PB to liaise on the possibility of a change of venue together with a budget plan of possible costs involved.ADS, PB
538Matches against Services: PB/LB to investigate.ALB, PB
539Match with USA: DS to circulate proposal to the committee.ADS
540London Spring Open: DS/PB to investigate availability of dates and competition format at the Leon Paul centre. Circulate a proposal to committee.ADS, PB
541ET16: Further to a visit to Medway, DS/JRM produced a comprehensive floor plan layout. Agreed by committee as an excellent plan.D 
542ET16 Fund Raising: LB gsve a comprehensive presentation on planned fund raising and sponsorship. It was agreed that LB will liaise with DS to create a presentation package for potential sponsors. Thanks to Caryl Oliver for her contribution.ADS, LB
543Club Membership: It has been noted that a club is showing the BVF logo on their website. BVF does not offer club membership. GA has requested that this be removed or the wording amended. It was suggested that a link to the BVF website would be acceptable if the logo is retained. GA to write to the club.AGA
544Committee Files: It was agreed that emails/correspondence should be kept only for two years. Any important documents should be filed on the website in consultation with the Web Master.D 
545Frank Mills Trophy: JRM to purchase trophy to be awarded to best foilist, male or female, at the Winton Cup. GA to include an article in the January Newsletter.AJRM, GA

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
323ET16 Progress ReportJRM
316Treasurer's ReportJRM
317International Fencing Officers ReportDS
318Dom Fenc OffPB
319ET16 Fundraising Manager ReportLB
320ET16 Sponsor Package - Draft LB
321Chairman's reportGA

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