Minutes of Meeting

End Time

Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
498ET16: JRM to draft a letter for GA to submit to the EVFC proposing extending the event to 4 days.GA, JRMDone
507Social Media: LB to produce a draft policy document covering social media for approval and operation by committee.LBDone
509Age Group Championships: It was agreed to book the same venues and corresponding date for 2015.Done
512Age Group Championships: It was agreed that FM will investigate the possibility of increasing the area for DT and bag storage in order to avoid health and safety issues.Done
515Frank's resignation: GA to write to membership to inform them and that GA has been elected by the Committee as Chairman.GADone
517Age Group Championships: Winton Cup: MS has volunteered to undertake the organisation of these in 2015. Agreed by Committee. JRM to produce checklists for these events. MS to liaise with FM regarding the Age Group championships.JRM, MSDone
521ET16: All committee members to look at roles at present open and to suggest potential volunteers. Names to be submitted to JRM.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
522International Match: GB v Italy - it was agreed that DS make enquiries as to whether this proposal could be combined with the GB v Germany match and also with France. This will be discussed while in Debrecen.DSDone
523World Championship Rankings: DS to circulate document from FIE Veterans Council to committee and fencers taking part in this year's world championships.DSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
5255-year draft Plan: Committee members to review document produced by LB and forward comments to him.ADS, GA, JRM, JS, MS, PB
526GBR v Germany match in Darmstadt: DS to circulate information to Committee.ADS
527Committee: JRM to draft a job description for the role of Development Manager with a view to recruiting for this role.AJRM
528Membership cards: It was agreed that membership cards should be continued.D 
529Pop-Up Banners: It was decided to order 2 banners with the BVF logo to be available for medal presentations at competitions.ALB
530Tracksuits: Agreed to go ahead with Anne Mills design. Ask for a one-off sample and confirm prices.AGA
531ET16: Medals. The design from Anne Mills was approved.D 
532ET16: The design for T-shirts with the ET16 pennant and the fencers nation pennant was approved. Confirm prices with Anne Mills. Ask for the provision of polo shirts.AJRM
533ET16: List of roles to be posted on the website and newsletter with a request for volunteers. Names were suggested as possible candidates should no volunteers come forward.AGA, JRM
534Event Managers 2015: David Exeter was proposed as team manager for the European Individual Championships.D 
535Event Managers 2015: Gillian Aghajan was appointed team manager for the World Championships (Limoges)D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
297Treasurer's ReportJRM
298ET16 ProgressJRM
304Chairman's reportGA
305ET 16 - Business letter to MembersLB
306BVF 5 Year Plan - Working DraftLB
314International Fencing Officers ReportDS

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