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Outstanding Actions

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461Vets Open International Competitions: JRM to update the EVFC competition list. MS and JRM to liaise to nominate a competition which MS would organise. This competition would be publicised on the website and newsletter and email.GA, JRM, MSDone
506Meeting with BFA: A discussion was held on points to be raised with the BFA Board to strengthen the relationship between the two organisations. These points to be further developed prior to the meeting., JRM, LBDone
508Stopwatches: It was agreed that FM will purchase new stopwatches available for all competitions.Done
511Winton Cup: All arrangements in hand. Poolsheets to be adapted to include provision for a reserve team member.JRMDone
513Selection Rules: It was agreed to incorporate the same wording as BF as follows: 'The selection events will be open to those holding British nationality* and those holding dual nationality provided the fencer does not hold an FIE licence issued by a country other than Great Britain.' *For the avoidance of doubt: British passport holders. JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
514 The Committee has received, with regret, Frank's resignation owing to ill health. Under the Constitution, para 8, the Committee has elected GA as Chairman.D 
515Frank's resignation: GA to write to membership to inform them and that GA has been elected by the Committee as Chairman.AGA
516Fund Raising Committee: LB has been elected as head of the Fund Raising Committee to co-ordinate all areas of fund raising. He will also be responsible for corporate sponsorship.D 
517Age Group Championships: Winton Cup: MS has volunteered to undertake the organisation of these in 2015. Agreed by Committee. JRM to produce checklists for these events. MS to liaise with FM regarding the Age Group championships.AJRM, MS
518London Open: DS to liaise with PB re the orgaisation and dates for this.ADS, PB
519Winton Cup: The Committee thanked the management team for another successful Winton Cup. Particular thanks to those people who volunteered to help lay out and pack up equipment.D 
520Winton Cup: Various possible venues were discussed together with catering, hotels. It was, however, decided to continue to try and book Lilleshall for 2015.D 
521ET16: All committee members to look at roles at present open and to suggest potential volunteers. Names to be submitted to JRM.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
522International Match: GB v Italy - it was agreed that DS make enquiries as to whether this proposal could be combined with the GB v Germany match and also with France. This will be discussed while in Debrecen.ADS
523World Championship Rankings: DS to circulate document from FIE Veterans Council to committee and fencers taking part in this year's world championships.ADS
524BVF National Championships: DS will be Event Manager for this event. 6-8 March 2015.D 

Documents Submitted

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242Communications Policy (Draft)LB
243Letter to CEO BFA (Final)LB
244Fundraising - Big Raffle letter to MembersLB
249Treasurer's ReportJRM
247Dom. Fencing PB
251ET16 Project ReportJRM
250Winton ClosedownJRM
252ET 16: Letter to Members (draft)LB
253Fundraising Committee ReportLB
255International Fencing OfficerDS
257Acting Chairman's reportGA

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