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Outstanding Actions

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489Proposed Initiative from Beth Davidson: BD has submitted a proposal towards development of veterans fencing. FM to investigate further.Done
491British Fencing letter: It was agreed that the proposed letter be sent to BF. 6 agreed, 2 abstain. It was agreed that JM/LB/FM would prepare a wish list of benefits for discussion by whole committee. The committee agreed that the BVF should retain its independence ., JRM, LBDone
492ET16: Reports and comments from those attending Porec were discussed in committee and appropriate actions will be taken to incorporate into the planning for ET16. A key element will be the production of a Timetable by the ET16 planners.DS, GA, JRMDone
494Winton Cup: Arrangements are now in hand for the Lillieshall venue and Park Inn at Telford. Details will be published after the AGQs.Done
495German match 2015: An invitation has been received for a match at Darmstadt. Several dates have been suggested by the Germans in June/July. FM to accept the invitation and will suggest a date to co-incide with the match 25years ago.Done

New Actions and Decisions

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497ET16: The ET planners proposed that the timetable for this event should be re-scheduled. It was agreed that it would be necessary to adjust the timing to a period of 4 days to accommodate the expected entry. Proposed: DS, 2nd. LB. Unani.D 
498ET16: JRM to draft a letter for GA to submit to the EVFC proposing extending the event to 4 days.AGA, JRM
504ET16: Gala Dinner - it was agreed to proceed with the organisation of a Gala Dinner at this event. 1 abstain, 1 against, 6 for.D 
506Meeting with BFA: A discussion was held on points to be raised with the BFA Board to strengthen the relationship between the two organisations. These points to be further developed prior to the meeting.A, JRM, LB
507Social Media: LB to produce a draft policy document covering social media for approval and operation by committee.ALB
508Stopwatches: It was agreed that FM will purchase new stopwatches available for all competitions.A
509Age Group Championships: It was agreed to book the same venues and corresponding date for 2015.A
510German Match: It was agreed to accept the invitation from the Germans for a 25th anniversary match to be held in Darmstadt in June 2015. DS to write. ADS
511Winton Cup: All arrangements in hand. Poolsheets to be adapted to include provision for a reserve team member.AJRM
512Age Group Championships: It was agreed that FM will investigate the possibility of increasing the area for DT and bag storage in order to avoid health and safety issues.A
513Selection Rules: It was agreed to incorporate the same wording as BF as follows: 'The selection events will be open to those holding British nationality* and those holding dual nationality provided the fencer does not hold an FIE licence issued by a country other than Great Britain.' *For the avoidance of doubt: British passport holders. AJRM

Documents Submitted

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187Treasurer's ReportJRM
189ET16 Project ReportJRM
190Domestic Fencing Officer report 14-07-13PB
192International FencingDS

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