Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
448Age Group Qualifiers: FM to amend the Rules which after agreement by Committee be published for the consideration of membership.Done
454Winton Cup 2014: It was agreed that Lilleshall will be booked for 2014 together with the Park Inn. Pool sheets will be amended to include the piste nos. together with relevant Referees. JRM to liase with FM., JRMDone
474BF: JRM to compose an email to be sent to BF for circulation to potential BVF members.JRMDone
482Membership: It was proposed that Keith Smith be offered Life Membership and agreed unami. FM to write to KS.Done
486BVF Championships: In view of the difficulties expressed by sabreurs in attending on the Friday, DS will look at the feasibility of re-scheduling to organising the championships over two days. The AGM would remain on the Friday evening. Membership will be informed in due course.DSDone
487Acceptance and Accommodation Request Form: GA will produce a document to circulate to committee for approval. Legal opinion will be sought on the final document., GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
491British Fencing letter: It was agreed that the proposed letter be sent to BF. 6 agreed, 2 abstain. It was agreed that JM/LB/FM would prepare a wish list of benefits for discussion by whole committee. The committee agreed that the BVF should retain its independence .A, JRM, LB
492ET16: Reports and comments from those attending Porec were discussed in committee and appropriate actions will be taken to incorporate into the planning for ET16. A key element will be the production of a Timetable by the ET16 planners.ADS, GA, JRM
494Winton Cup: Arrangements are now in hand for the Lillieshall venue and Park Inn at Telford. Details will be published after the AGQs.A
495German match 2015: An invitation has been received for a match at Darmstadt. Several dates have been suggested by the Germans in June/July. FM to accept the invitation and will suggest a date to co-incide with the match 25years ago.A
496European Team Championships 2014: The Committee wished to formally thank Gillian for her excellent work as Team Manager. The Committee also congratulated David for his re-election as President of EVFC.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
179Treasurer's ReportJRM
178Chairman's ReportJRM
180Domestic Fencing Officer report 14-05-25PB
181Final Draft of letter to BFA CEOLB
182Secretary's ReportMS
183International Fencing ReportDS
184EVF Congress SummaryGA
185European Team Championships ReportGA
186European Team Championships Overall RankingsGA

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