Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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4762014 European Team Championships: GA to approach potential Referees for this event. Preference will be given to FIE Referees qualified at two weapons as well as being available for the 3-day event.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

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482Membership: It was proposed that Keith Smith be offered Life Membership and agreed unami. FM to write to KS.A
48375+ medals: It was proposed that the award of these medals be put in abeyance for future consideration.1 abstain 6 for.D 
484EVFC Team Championships: 195+ age category: It was proposed that GB Veterans fully support the 195+ age category to ensure that fencers cannot compete in each team age category. Unami.D 
485AGM 2014 Minutes: MS to circulate draft Minutes for any comments from committee members.D 
486BVF Championships: In view of the difficulties expressed by sabreurs in attending on the Friday, DS will look at the feasibility of re-scheduling to organising the championships over two days. The AGM would remain on the Friday evening. Membership will be informed in due course.ADS
487Acceptance and Accommodation Request Form: GA will produce a document to circulate to committee for approval. Legal opinion will be sought on the final document.A, GA
488Rules for Age Group Championships February 2014: 5 Accepted 2 abstainD 
489Proposed Initiative from Beth Davidson: BD has submitted a proposal towards development of veterans fencing. FM to investigate further.A
490BFA membership for non-fencing committee members: It was proposed that BVF cover the costs of BFA membership. 4 for, 2 abstain. 1 against.D 

Documents Submitted

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165Treasurer's ReportJRM
162Chairman's ReportJRM
166Domestic Fencing Officer report 14-03-16PB
167International Fencing Report March 2014DS
169LB Correct BVA/BVF LetterLB

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