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Outstanding Actions

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460Vets Open Competitions: It was decided to retain the WMO and the Hampshire. PB to liaise with John Willis concerning the possibility of organising a vets 3-weapon open competition at the new Leon Paul Centre.PBDone
463ET16: It was decided that a meeting for committee members will take place at the Medway Park in order to view the venue. DS to organise for early January DSDone
464ET16: LOGO - it was suggested that the volunteers for a Graphic Designer be asked to design a logo and submit to JRM for circulation to the committee for consideration.JRMDone
465ET16: JRM to email membership a reminder of volunteer roles already advertised with replies by end of November.JRMDone
467Age Groups 2014: GA to check venue has been booked together with hotel. John Crouch/JRM/MS to run DT. GA to confirm with John Crouch.GADone
469Selection Procedure for European Teams: Selectors to produce criteria for selection for committee approval.JSDone
475CIO -Gift Aid: LB will forward information to JRM.LBDone

New Actions and Decisions

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4762014 European Team Championships: GA to approach potential Referees for this event. Preference will be given to FIE Referees qualified at two weapons as well as being available for the 3-day event.AGA
477Vote of thanks: FM proposed a vote of thanks to GA for her role as pro-tem Chairman during FM's absence - carried unam.D 
478 Varna World Championship 2013 Hotel Account: As a result of non-payment of the hotel booking made on behalf of a member it was proposed that the application for renewal of BVF membership should not be accepted. Proposed: LB, 2nd: JS, motion suspended on Chairman's casting vote pending legal advice that will be sought.
7/2/2014 Chairman cast his vote against. The proposal is defeated.
479Medal 75+: It was decided that a medal is to be awarded in each weapon at the National Championships to the highest placed 75+ fencer. D 
480 European Championships/ World Championships: Team Managers/Heads of Delegation as chosen by the BVF Committee are given authority to organise travel and accommodation.D 
48114/2/2014 Decision by email exchange and voting. Selection Rules: The European Team Championships and the Veterans World Championships have changed their format and the BVF Selection Rules require updating to keep them relevant. Recommendations were received from the selectors on changes to the rules.
Proposal: to accept the version dated Feb 8. In favour 8. Abstain 1. Proposal accepted. The rules will be put on the website and a notice circulated to members.
Proposal: To include a derogation of rules for 2014 as the date of the BVFC was changed. For 4, Against 3. Proposal accepted.
Proposal: that an item should be included in the AGM agenda under AOB to propose that selection for Teams to represent GBR should be based only on rankings from the most recent BVF Championships. For 2, Against 5 Abstain 1. Proposal defeated.

Documents Submitted

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149Treasurer's ReportJRM
158International Fencing Officer ReportDS
157ET16 Project ReportJRM
155Domestic Fencing Officer report 14-01-26PB
159London Open FinancesPB
160Vice Chairman's reportGA

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