Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
407 We have been invited to a match with Germany in 2013. Dates to be suggested. DS to liaise.DSDone
418Referees: JS suggested that there should be further discussion on a per diem payment to be made to Referees for BVF events. Agreed unami.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
431Meeting with BF: BVF to determine what info we need from David Teasdale.DS, , JRMDone
443EVFC Report: GA gave her report and the decisions taken at the meeting will be put in the Newsletter.GADone
4502016 European Team Championships: JM & DS to produce initial documentation and plan to present to the Committee.DS, JRMDone
451The Committee was delighted to hear of the M.B.E. awarded to Keith Smith. FM will write to congratulate him on behalf of BVF.Done

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
4522013 World Championships: The team for the Trial Team event was ratified by Committee: unanimousD 
453Gillian Aghajan is appointed Vice-Chairman. unanimousD 
454Winton Cup 2014: It was agreed that Lilleshall will be booked for 2014 together with the Park Inn. Pool sheets will be amended to include the piste nos. together with relevant Referees. JRM to liase with FM.A, JRM
455Medals: JRM to re-stock medals. Liaise with FM.AJRM,
4562016 European Team Championships: Following the presentation by DS of Medway Park it was agreed to book the venue owing to the excellent facilities.D 
4572016 European Team Championships: It was agreed to proceed with the Plan and progressing system presented by JRM. The committee congratulated him on the excellent high standard of the documentation.D 
4582016 European Team Championships: It was agreed that DS would be Event Manager (pro tem). JRM will continue as Project Planner. This enables them to identify names for roles to present to committee for ratification.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
129Treasurer's ReportJRM
130International Fencing Officers Report - Sept 2013DS
131Domestic Fencing Officer reportPB

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