Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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430Selection for Individual World Championships: JS to circulate proposed list to Committee for ratification. Once ratified those selected to be informed. A copy of the Appeals procedure will be published to members. There will be a Team competition. Details to be confirmed.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
440European Team Championships 2016: GA, in consultation with other members of the sub-committee, will prepare the bid document for presentation. On completion of this document as agreed by the sub-committee, the document will be circulated to the full committee.DS, GA, JRM, MSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
442Pilot Initiative in NE: BVF has been made aware of an initiative to recruit veteran age fencers and Committee has agreed to support this. GA to develop with NE.AGA
443EVFC Report: GA gave her report and the decisions taken at the meeting will be put in the Newsletter.AGA
444World Champs 2013: It was agreed that the levy would be 35.00 per fencer. 10 per accompanying non-fencers.D 
445World Championships 2013: The Committee approved DS to select Referees for the event.D 
446World Championships 2013: Referees expenses: The Committee recognises the need to follow British Fencing practice on reimbursement of expenses. DS to negotiate with Referees.D 
447World Championships 2013: Team Manager expenses: The Committee agreed to cover all reasonable out of pocket expenses.D 
448Age Group Qualifiers: FM to amend the Rules which after agreement by Committee be published for the consideration of membership.A
4492016 European Team Championships: The bid at the EVFC has been awarded to GB. The committee accepted responsibility for this event. D 
4502016 European Team Championships: JM & DS to produce initial documentation and plan to present to the Committee.ADS, JRM
451The Committee was delighted to hear of the M.B.E. awarded to Keith Smith. FM will write to congratulate him on behalf of BVF.A

Documents Submitted

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110Treasurer's ReportJRM
114Domestic Fencing Officer reportPB
115International Fencing Officers ReportDS
116Chairman's ReportJRM

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