Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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421German match: It was suggested that we offer the dates 15/16, 29/30 June. DS to contact German organiser. Teams to be selected from the BVF championships.DSDone
423BVF Promotioinal DVD: This was shown to the committee who were unanimous in their praise and congratulated DS and GA on the production. We also wish to congratulate Beth Davidson for the excellent DVD. It will be launched at the 2013 AGM and shown during the championships. Copies to be sent to BF Board. FM to send copy to David Teasdale. DS & GA to produce marketing plan. , GADone
424Age Group Championships: It was agreed that the committee would review the procedures for 2014. FM will respond to emails received as discussed in committee.Done
425Age Groupe Championships 2013: PB raised several points brought to him by members and these will be discussed in a committee review of the future event. DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
438Veteran Competitions: PB to contact LB with a view to organising an epee competition in the SW in 2014. FM to speak to Carole Seheult/Beth Davidson/Duncan Rowlands with a view to organising a sabre competition in NE.A, PB
439European Team Championships 2016: It was agreed to present a bid to host this event. The bid will be submitted in May at the EVF Congress in Terni. There has been considerable work, in advance, as to costings and potential venues. D 
440European Team Championships 2016: GA, in consultation with other members of the sub-committee, will prepare the bid document for presentation. On completion of this document as agreed by the sub-committee, the document will be circulated to the full committee.ADS, GA, JRM, MS
441West Midlands Open 2013: FM proposed a vote of thanks from the committee to Janet Baron for all her help at this competition.D 

Documents Submitted

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106Treasurer's ReportJRM
108International Fencing Officers Report AprilDS
109Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB

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