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Outstanding Actions

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281Produce a paper for discussion with BF on developing more membership, include a 30-39 age group within BVF DS, , GADone
344Training Weekends: Liaise with Lynne MeliaGADone
416Hampshire Open: Entries open. FM to make enquiries for medals.Done
417European Championships: GA has sent out all info. MS to ciirculate to snailmailers. Doctors letters required GA to send notification to all entrants re photocopy would be accepted.GA, MSDone
419BVF Championships: JM asked that a new mens sabre cup be purchased and have all the information on the existing damaged cup transferred to the new.JRM, LBDone
420Home Nations match: 4/5 May FM to pass cup to DS.Done
422AGM: JRM to send out further notice re nominations for committee and any items for AGM. Copy to MS/FM.JRMDone
427Age Group Championships: An accident occurred during the competition. A report will be sent to BF.Done

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
430Selection for Individual World Championships: JS to circulate proposed list to Committee for ratification. Once ratified those selected to be informed. A copy of the Appeals procedure will be published to members. There will be a Team competition. Details to be confirmed.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
431Meeting with BF: BVF to determine what info we need from David Teasdale.ADS, , JRM
432Meeting with British Fencing: David Teasdale stated that BF would endorse the BVF bid for the European Veteran Team Championships 2016.D 
433European Veterans Team Championships 2016: A sub-committee has been formed to determine feasibility of a bid to be put to Committee. DS/MS/GA/JRM sub-committee members.D 
434Age Group Championshis 2014: It was decided that the date for this competition will be 14/15 June 2014.D 
435Age Group Championships 2014: A sub-committee was formed to review the dates and organisation of both the BVF championships and AGCs owing to the increasing number of entries. D 
436Womens Epee Cup: It was decided to purchase a new cup for this event as the current shield is full. The new cup would still carry the name Mme. Froechlen together with previous winners' names. The shield will be donated to the fencing museum.AJRM
437Date of next meeting: Sunday 21 April 2013. 10.30a.m,D 

Documents Submitted

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99Treasurer's ReportJRM
102International Fencing Officers ReportDS
104Dom. Fencing OfficerPB

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