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373GA contacted Lynne Melia and David Kirby. LM can take 20 fencers per day at a cost of 40.00 per fencer (less than 10 fencers) or 250.00 per day in Birmingham. DK days training for 250.00 for a day plus 3 coaches and venue. 25.00 each for 10 fencers in Filton College, Bristol or King Edward School, Stratford on Avon. It was suggested that a Nutrionalist be included together with a sports psychologist. It was suggested that it might also be possible to liaise with an existing training camp/training course being run in UK. It was suggested that it would be possible to liaise with BF regarding BF Academy training. FM to contact BF. GA to contact strength and conditioning training coaches for information. The Committee will assimilate and consult with membership, GADone
388BVF 25th Anniversary: FM to liaise with Henry de Silva re the fencing arrangments. DS to investigate alternative fencing venue.DS, Done
399Age Group Championships: All arrangemrents in hand with the addition of an extra hall to accommodate more fencers.Done
403Survey Questionnaire: FM to contact John Crouch to ask him to verify the results received.Done
40425th Anniversary Dinner: 43 members to date have confirmed for the dinner including 12 fencers for the fencing. Very disappointing response from membership as we had hoped for more to celebrate 25 years of BVF. FM to continue liaison with Henry de Silva re organisation.Done
405Age Group Championships: Details and entry form will be published in the December on the website and Newsletter. Any changes to the age qualifying date will be highlighted.GA, JRMDone
406European Championships: Website is now open. GA is Head of GB Delegation. Further information will be published in due course.GADone
408Veterans Home Nations: The date is still to be confirmed and is being organised by Eire in Dublin. DS to liaise.DSDone

New Actions and Decisions

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413St. Petersburg Trip: It was agreed to pay a subsidy to Carole Seheult of GBP60.00 towards expenses for organising this trip. Proposed; DS seconded GA. unani.D 
414EFC: It was agreed that DS would be the nominated BVF member of this Council. Proposed JS. seconded FM. unani.D 
415EFC: JS suggested that our EFC representative be reimbursed with expenses (not already covered) up to maximum 50%. Proposed JS, seconded LB, unani.D 
416Hampshire Open: Entries open. FM to make enquiries for medals.A
417European Championships: GA has sent out all info. MS to ciirculate to snailmailers. Doctors letters required GA to send notification to all entrants re photocopy would be accepted.AGA, MS
418Referees: JS suggested that there should be further discussion on a per diem payment to be made to Referees for BVF events. Agreed unami.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
419BVF Championships: JM asked that a new mens sabre cup be purchased and have all the information on the existing damaged cup transferred to the new.AJRM, LB
420Home Nations match: 4/5 May FM to pass cup to DS.A
421German match: It was suggested that we offer the dates 15/16, 29/30 June. DS to contact German organiser. Teams to be selected from the BVF championships.ADS
422AGM: JRM to send out further notice re nominations for committee and any items for AGM. Copy to MS/FM.AJRM
423BVF Promotioinal DVD: This was shown to the committee who were unanimous in their praise and congratulated DS and GA on the production. We also wish to congratulate Beth Davidson for the excellent DVD. It will be launched at the 2013 AGM and shown during the championships. Copies to be sent to BF Board. FM to send copy to David Teasdale. DS & GA to produce marketing plan. A, GA
424Age Group Championships: It was agreed that the committee would review the procedures for 2014. FM will respond to emails received as discussed in committee.A
425Age Groupe Championships 2013: PB raised several points brought to him by members and these will be discussed in a committee review of the future event. ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
426Age Group Championships: As a result of the considerable increase in venue fees, FM will investigate the possibility of an alternative venues and dates.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
427Age Group Championships: An accident occurred during the competition. A report will be sent to BF.A
429Date of next meeting: to be decided after the AGM.D 

Documents Submitted

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92Treasurer's ReportJRM
98International Fencing Officers Report Update for FDS
95Germany Match DatesDS
96Dom Fencing Off. Report 20-01-13PB
97International FencingDS

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