Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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374Fencing Calendar: PB to make up a possible calendar for 2013 to include Unisex Epee, Foil and Sabre.PBDone
375Following an extensive discussion on the results of the first Survey, FM will produce a further draft survey based on these results as agreed at the AGM to be circulated to committee for review prior to publication.Done
381Communications: JM suggested that a link be established for fencers to register interest in overseas events. JM to provide access to DS of the database. This information regarding this link will be published in the Newsletter.JS, DSDone
383BVF Survey: OngoingDS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
387Winton Cup: GA and MS to organise Raffle at the dinner.GA, MSDone
393BVF Survey: After lengthy discussions, it was agreed that following the commitment made to membership at the AGM, FM will circulate committee with a draft communication based on the results of the survey. When approved by committee, this would then be circulated to membership.Done
395BFA Honours Nomination: A request has been received from Keith Smith regarding nominations which will be circulated to membership.JRM, MSDone
397Leeds Open: PB to approach the organisers in order to provide a DT person.Information to be provided by PB to JRM and GA.PBDone
39825th Anniversary: Arrangements in hand. FM to provide JRM with details to enable on-line ticket booking. The Committee agreed to financially support the event., JRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
402Survey Questionnaire: The results have now been received from membership. It was decided that John Crouch should be asked to verify the results. Once this has been done, the results will be published on the website and Newsletter together with the relevant changes. Proposed: DS, seconded PB, unani.D 
403Survey Questionnaire: FM to contact John Crouch to ask him to verify the results received.A
40425th Anniversary Dinner: 43 members to date have confirmed for the dinner including 12 fencers for the fencing. Very disappointing response from membership as we had hoped for more to celebrate 25 years of BVF. FM to continue liaison with Henry de Silva re organisation.A
405Age Group Championships: Details and entry form will be published in the December on the website and Newsletter. Any changes to the age qualifying date will be highlighted.AGA, JRM
406European Championships: Website is now open. GA is Head of GB Delegation. Further information will be published in due course.AGA
407 We have been invited to a match with Germany in 2013. Dates to be suggested. DS to liaise.ADS
408Veterans Home Nations: The date is still to be confirmed and is being organised by Eire in Dublin. DS to liaise.ADS
409World Championships, Krems: FM offered thanks on behalf of the committee to DS and MS for their work at the championships.D 
410Membership fees: Any new members joining between October and December to be given membership for 2013. This concession to be for this year only.D 
411Major Event Levy: After much discussion it was agreed that the Team Managers of international events will produce a competition budget showing costs together with a recommendation of the relevant levy to be agreed by the Committee. There will, in the future, no longer be a set ceiling for the competition levy.D 
412Vets Open Events: to be reviewed at the end of the season.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB

Documents Submitted

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83Treasurer's ReportJRM
85International Fencing ReportDS
88Domestic Fencing Officer reportPB

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