Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

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323FM to write to Henry de Silva for details of the '25th Anniversary' event that he is organising in 2012.Done
355A.O.B: It was proposed that the fees for Winton Cup be increased to 450.00 per team for 2012. All other entry fees in 2012 to remain as stated. Entry fees for all competitions in 2013 will be reviewed in November. Proposed PB, 2nd LB. UnaniDone
378Lansdowne Offer: FM to discuss further with Paul Abrahams.Done
382International Events: DS will select an event in 2013 for which arrangements will be organised.DSDone
385Winton Cup: FM providing Team Captains with all details shortly. Other arrangements in hand. Once confirmation of hotel and menu received, details will be published in the Newsletter. Lilleshall booked as fencing venue.GA, Done
386Age Group Qualifiers: FM booked same venue and hotel as last year. All progress satisfactory. JRM to pay deposit for hotel dinner., JRMDone
388BVF 25th Anniversary: FM to liaise with Henry de Silva re the fencing arrangments. DS to investigate alternative fencing venue based on health and safety grounds., DSDone
391EVFC: It was proposed that the submission for a 190 age team be made to be re-submitted in a more detailed formula for May 2013., JSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
393BVF Survey: After lengthy discussions, it was agreed that following the commitment made to membership at the AGM, FM will circulate committee with a draft communication based on the results of the survey. When approved by committee, this would then be circulated to membership.A
394BVF Development Plan: FM and DS presented an initial document for discussion which was approved by Committee. Each member will contribute ideas and suggestions to FM and DS.D 
395BFA Honours Nomination: A request has been received from Keith Smith regarding nominations which will be circulated to membership.AJRM, MS
396Nomination for the BF Board: FM informed the Committee that he is applying to be a Board member.D 
397Leeds Open: PB to approach the organisers in order to provide a DT person.Information to be provided by PB to JRM and GA.APB
39825th Anniversary: Arrangements in hand. FM to provide JRM with details to enable on-line ticket booking. The Committee agreed to financially support the event.A, JRM
399Age Group Championships: All arrangemrents in hand with the addition of an extra hall to accommodate more fencers.A
400Selection of event Managers: AGQ 2013: FM BVFC 2013: DS European Individual 2013: GA World Championships 2013: DS WMO 2013: PB Veterans Winton Cup 2013: FM/GAD 
401Sponsorship of tracksuits being investigated by DS. Approved.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
75Treasurer's ReportJRM
77Domestic Fencing Report 08-12PB
78Vets Calendar (Draft)PB
79Incentivisation of Volunteer OrganisersDS
80International ReportDS
81Determination of BVF LevyDS

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