Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
351Changes to BVF Constitution: FM to circulate draft changes to the Constitution regarding relationship with BF to the Committee for approval. Changes will then be presented to membership at the AGM.Done
379European Individual Championships: Committee has asked GA to inform EVF Congress of our interest to host the event in 2015.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
381Communications: JM suggested that a link be established for fencers to register interest in overseas events. JM to provide access to DS of the database. This information regarding this link will be published in the Newsletter.AJS, DS
382International Events: DS will select an event in 2013 for which arrangements will be organised.ADS
383BVF Survey: OngoingADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
384World Championships Budget: The budget put forward by DS was accepted. Proposed: DS, 2nd. FM, 1 abstainD 
385Winton Cup: FM providing Team Captains with all details shortly. Other arrangements in hand. Once confirmation of hotel and menu received, details will be published in the Newsletter. Lilleshall booked as fencing venue.AGA,
386Age Group Qualifiers: FM booked same venue and hotel as last year. All progress satisfactory. JRM to pay deposit for hotel dinner.A, JRM
387Winton Cup: GA and MS to organise Raffle at the dinner.AGA, MS
388BVF 25th Anniversary: FM to liaise with Henry de Silva re the fencing arrangments. DS to investigate alternative fencing venue based on health and safety grounds.A, DS, DS,
389New Tracksuit: The Committee has reviewed comments received on the new tracksuit design, the large majority of which have been most complimentary. It is noted that sales of this item and accessories are growing.D 
390EVFC Report: GA report approved. GA would like to commend Duncan Rowlands for his excellent refereeing particularly in the mens sabre final.D 
391EVFC: It was proposed that the submission for a 190 age team be made to be re-submitted in a more detailed formula for May 2013.A, JS
392Dates of next meetings: Sunday 26 August Sunday 18 NovemberD 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
63Treasurer's ReportJRM
66EVFC Congress reportGA
68Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB
69Secretary's ReportMS
73European Team Championships - Team Manager's reporGA
72International ReportDS

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