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Outstanding Actions

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324FM to follow-up on the outstanding fee from one member for the Wellesbourne team competition.Done
332DS/GA to finalise the design and supply of tracksuits.GADone
347LB to investigate pennants for BVF for team events.LBDone
354World Championships, Krems: MS will undertake preparatory work prior to WCs. FM/GA to assist as required., GA, MSDone
356A.,O.B: European Team Championships - it was proposed that a budget be raised by GA for this to include the Team Manager and Assistant Manager. It was noted that Sweden is an expensive venue.GADone
359The Committee is to consider weapon checking at selection events.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
360BVF Survey: JM to produce historical documentation from previous Selectors and the Committee agreed to formulate a further survey for membership., JRMDone
363Veterans World Championships: LB will forward information on the Stockholm Consensus to FM.LBDone
364Veterans World Championships: MS, as Team Manager, to circulate initial invitation letter to selected fencers. Any Appeals against the Selector's selection must be lodged with John Mason (in the Chairman's absence) on or before midnight 2nd April 2012. JRM, MSDone
368Qualifing Age Date for European & World Championships: Owing to the disparity on the qualifying date on the Krems website, FIE will contact the organisers of Krems to confirm the relevant qualifying date for the 2012 World Championships as 1st October 2012. In the meantime, no publication of the selection for the world championships will be made until clarification from Krems organisers. Done
371EVFC: GA to put before the EVFC meeting the proposal made by the BVF Committee regarding a 60+ team competition at the 2014 European team championships.GADone

New Actions and Decisions

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373GA contacted Lynne Melia and David Kirby. LM can take 20 fencers per day at a cost of 40.00 per fencer (less than 10 fencers) or 250.00 per day in Birmingham. DK days training for 250.00 for a day plus 3 coaches and venue. 25.00 each for 10 fencers in Filton College, Bristol or King Edward School, Stratford on Avon. It was suggested that a Nutrionalist be included together with a sports psychologist. It was suggested that it might also be possible to liaise with an existing training camp/training course being run in UK. It was suggested that it would be possible to liaise with BF regarding BF Academy training. FM to contact BF. GA to contact strength and conditioning training coaches for information. The Committee will assimilate and consult with membershipA, GA
374Fencing Calendar: PB to make up a possible calendar for 2013 to include Unisex Epee, Foil and Sabre.APB
375Following an extensive discussion on the results of the first Survey, FM will produce a further draft survey based on these results as agreed at the AGM to be circulated to committee for review prior to publication.A
376World Championships 2012: A levy towards admin costs has been set at 35.00 per fencer and 10.00 per non-fencer. MS proposed, FM 2nd. 5 for, 1 abstainD 
377Trans-gender Fencers: BVF policy is to abide by FIE rules on this matter.D 
378Lansdowne Offer: FM to discuss further with Paul Abrahams.A
379European Individual Championships: Committee has asked GA to inform EVF Congress of our interest to host the event in 2015.AGA
380Date of next meeting: Saturday 14 July 10.30.D 

Documents Submitted

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58Treasurer's ReportJRM
62Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB

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