Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
225Friendly matchesPBDone
297Instruct FM, GA in the maintenance of the website, GA, JRMDone
304Speak to competition organisers asap to set up a circuit of ranking eventsPB, DSDone
321GA to design a printable membership enrolment form for recruitment.GADone
330FM to write to nominated potential selectors to ascertain their availability.Done
348BVF Survey: FM to provide the completed surveys to John Crouch for his adjudication. Results to be published on the website two weeks prior to the AGM. FM to ask JC to give a presentation on the results at the AGM., JRMDone
350AGM Agenda: FM/MS/JRM to collate and circulate membership with the Agenda, draft Minutes, Accounts, Reports by 6 FEBRUARY., JRM, MSDone
352Bletchley Open/Age Group Competition: All arrangements now in hand.Done
353BVF National Championships: All arrangements are in hand. Details given to FM by DS. PB proposed FM as Event Manager, 2nd GA. Unani. Vice-Manager to be MS, proposed LB, 2nd GA. Unani. Appointments for the day to be made by FM. GA to organise Dinner. MS to organise hotel arrangements and information to JRM for entry forms. LB/GA to organise a Raffle., GA, JRM, LB, MSDone
356A.,O.B: European Team Championships - it was proposed that a budget be raised by GA for this to include the Team Manager and Assistant Manager. It was noted that Sweden is an expensive venue.GADone
357A.O.B: EVFC Representative for 2012 - It was proposed that FM be the EVFC representative for 2012. Proposed PB,2nd JRM. Unani.Done

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
359The Committee is to consider weapon checking at selection events.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
360BVF Survey: JM to produce historical documentation from previous Selectors and the Committee agreed to formulate a further survey for membership.A, JRM
361European Team Championships: It was agreed that a levy of 35.00 per fencer would be set. The levy for non-fencers was agreed at 10.00 towards administration costs. Proposed:JS 2nd:GA, 1 abstain, 6 acceptD 
362Selection for European Team Championships: A large number of fencers declined selection making this difficult, especially in meeting the total age requirement for the teams. The Committee endorsed the Selectors' decision and agreed the results to be published in the Newsletter and website. Any Appeals against the Selector's selection must be lodged with John Mason (in the Chairman's absence) on or before midnight 2nd April 2012 Proposed GA 2nd: JRM, 1 abstain, 6 acceptD 
363Veterans World Championships: LB will forward information on the Stockholm Consensus to FM.ALB
364Veterans World Championships: MS, as Team Manager, to circulate initial invitation letter to selected fencers. Any Appeals against the Selector's selection must be lodged with John Mason (in the Chairman's absence) on or before midnight 2nd April 2012. AJRM, MS
365Veterans World Championships 2012: The Committee have accepted the Selectors selection of fencers for this. Proposed: GA 2nd:JRM. 2 abstain, 5 accept.D 
366Veterans Winton Cup: It was suggested that the fee be increased to 450.00 per team. Proposed: FM 2nd:JS. unaniD 
367Age Date Qualification: The age qualifying date for the BVF Championships should be the same as that used for the Age Group Qualifiers. This is always to be the same date as qualification for the World Championships. Proposed: JS, 2nd: JRM. unaniD 
368Qualifing Age Date for European & World Championships: Owing to the disparity on the qualifying date on the Krems website, FIE will contact the organisers of Krems to confirm the relevant qualifying date for the 2012 World Championships as 1st October 2012. In the meantime, no publication of the selection for the world championships will be made until clarification from Krems organisers. A
369EVFC Meeting: The Committee supported the nomination of DS as President of the EVFC. Proposed PV, 2nd GA, unani. D 
370EVFC: The Committee is requesting that the proposal for a 60+ team competition, agreed in principle by the EVFC meeting, be implemented at the next European team championships in 2014.D 
371EVFC: GA to put before the EVFC meeting the proposal made by the BVF Committee regarding a 60+ team competition at the 2014 European team championships.AGA
372Date of next meeting: Saturday 12 May 2012. 10.30amD 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
56Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB
54Treasurer's ReportJRM
57International Fencing Officer's ReportDS

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