Minutes of Meeting

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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
233BVF business plan, DSDone
251Proceed with on-line minutes archiveJRMDone
287Sponsorship has not been received from Salago, Nomura and Morocco. Chase payments.DSDone
288Investigate an alternative server provider for the BVF website.JRMDone
317Treasurer's Report: Invoice Leeds Open organiser for BVF medals. JM to provide FM with invoice template., JRMDone
327BVF Selection: An independent adjudicator to be sought to verify the results of the questionnaire.Done
329BVF Questionnaire: All committee members to review the proposed questionnaire with comments to FM, copied to all committee members.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
333British Passports: FM to check BF competition requirements regarding passports. BVF competitions to comply.Done
334Medals: FM to order two years supply of medals to hold in stock.Done
343Contact Piers Martin regarding access to tracksuit designs and their sustainabilityDSDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
346Chairman's Report: proposed PB, GA 2nd, accepted. Ssecretary's Report: none Treasurer's Report: proposed PB, GA 2nd, accepted. Membership Report: proposed PB, GA 2nd, accepted. Communications: proposed PB, GA 2nd, accepted. Domestic Fencing: proposed LB, GA 2nd, accepted. D 
347LB to investigate pennants for BVF for team events.ALB
348BVF Survey: FM to provide the completed surveys to John Crouch for his adjudication. Results to be published on the website two weeks prior to the AGM. FM to ask JC to give a presentation on the results at the AGM.A, JRM
349AGM: It was agreed that those existing members of the Committee are prepared to stand for re-election at the AGM. Chairman: FM Secretary: MS Treasurer: JRM Domestic Officer: PB International Officer: DS Committee: GA Committee: LB Committee Member: tbc D 
350AGM Agenda: FM/MS/JRM to collate and circulate membership with the Agenda, draft Minutes, Accounts, Reports by 6 FEBRUARY.A, JRM, MS
351Changes to BVF Constitution: FM to circulate draft changes to the Constitution regarding relationship with BF to the Committee for approval. Changes will then be presented to membership at the AGM.A
352Bletchley Open/Age Group Competition: All arrangements now in hand.A
353BVF National Championships: All arrangements are in hand. Details given to FM by DS. PB proposed FM as Event Manager, 2nd GA. Unani. Vice-Manager to be MS, proposed LB, 2nd GA. Unani. Appointments for the day to be made by FM. GA to organise Dinner. MS to organise hotel arrangements and information to JRM for entry forms. LB/GA to organise a Raffle.A, GA, JRM, LB, MS
354World Championships, Krems: MS will undertake preparatory work prior to WCs. FM/GA to assist as required.A, GA, MS
355A.O.B: It was proposed that the fees for Winton Cup be increased to 450.00 per team for 2012. All other entry fees in 2012 to remain as stated. Entry fees for all competitions in 2013 will be reviewed in November. Proposed PB, 2nd LB. UnaniA
356A.,O.B: European Team Championships - it was proposed that a budget be raised by GA for this to include the Team Manager and Assistant Manager. It was noted that Sweden is an expensive venue.AGA, GA
357A.O.B: EVFC Representative for 2012 - It was proposed that FM be the EVFC representative for 2012. Proposed PB,2nd JRM. Unani.A
358Date of next meeting: Saturday 24 March 11a.m.D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
35Treasurer's ReportJRM
55Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB

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