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Outstanding Actions

# Action Who Status View
193Membership drive based on Leon Paul vouchers. Circulate a proposal for progressing thisDSDone
234Approach Paul Abrahams to express interest in holding a London Vets eventDone
252Review expenses guidelines. Review by committee. Review by Ian Hunter. Publish on website. Officials to submit claims for re-imbursement to establish better control over what is paid out.JRMDone
273European Championships. Write a draft proposal for a new EVFC teams system incl. possibility of a 190 age limit. GA, Done
278Trackuits. A selection of designs was put forward. GA will make enquiries as to costings and supply times and will endeavour to have these in time for the European championships in June.GADone
290Establish a program of local competitions in addition to international competitionsPB, Done
292Consider hosting the 2013 European Individual championships.DS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, PBDone
293Write a request for volunteers as selectors. Publish in the newsletter.LBDone
302Write to Jenny Moris with the decision on no automatic selection for the Worlds for a national or world championDone
308Consider nominations for selectors and send to FMDS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PBDone
309Investigate using metallic pistes from the Pentathlon squad. DSDone
337After publication of the proposals, responses both for and against have been received. FM made a list of comments received from membership which was discussed at some length. DS proposed the current selection system remains in place. Membership to be asked via the Newsletter to take part in the ranking system which is is to run concurrently this season. FM to write a piece for the Newsletter. Done
341Provide new rules for committee in accordance with the decisions taken on selectionJRMDone
342Review selection rulesJRMDone

New Actions and Decisions

# Action A/D Who
315Electronic Minutes System: Subject to MS acceptance, it was decided to adopt the system for this and subsequent meetings.D 
316Chairman's Report: DS proposed acceptance 2nd PB unanimous. FM thanked GA for co-ordinating Connie's appearance on Russell Howard's Good News show and PB for ensuring that the first Vets Open in Leeds ran successfully on the day. D 
317Treasurer's Report: Invoice Leeds Open organiser for BVF medals. JM to provide FM with invoice template.A, JRM
318Treasurer's Report: GA proposed acceptance of report DS 2nd unanimous.D 
319It was agreed, owing to the increasing cost of printing the snail mail Newsletters, to make a contribution to the purchase of a duplex printer for Secretary. Proposed GA 2nd DS. For 5, abstain 1.D 
320Membership Report: PB proposed GA 2nd unanimous It was decided to continue to issue membership cards.D 
321GA to design a printable membership enrolment form for recruitment.AGA
322It was decided that the Oxford Unisex Foil/Sabre and Middlesex Epee competitions be deferred to 2013 as a result of lack of organisers available owing to Olympic commitments.D 
323FM to write to Henry de Silva for details of the '25th Anniversary' event that he is organising in 2012.A
324FM to follow-up on the outstanding fee from one member for the Wellesbourne team competition.A
325Domestic fencing Officer report: FM proposed DS 2nd unanimousD 
326BVF Selection: It was agreed that a questionnaire be sent to all BVF members inviting their views on the selection criteria. This would be available on-line as well as by post to those 32 members without email access. Proposed FM 2nd DS unanimousD 
327BVF Selection: An independent adjudicator to be sought to verify the results of the questionnaire.A
328BVF Selection: It was decided by the Committee to revert to the 2010 selection rules for the 2012 season. Any changes to future selection rules will be based on the membership questionnaire. FM proposed DS 2nd For 5, 1 abstainD 
329BVF Questionnaire: All committee members to review the proposed questionnaire with comments to FM, copied to all committee members.ADS, , GA, JRM, JS, LB, MS, PB
330FM to write to nominated potential selectors to ascertain their availability.A
331Event Managers: Age Group - FM British Championships - DS European Team Championships - GA World Championships - DS West Midlands Open - PB Winton Cup - FM proposed FM 2nd MS unanimousD 
332DS/GA to finalise the design and supply of tracksuits.AGA
333British Passports: FM to check BF competition requirements regarding passports. BVF competitions to comply.A
334Medals: FM to order two years supply of medals to hold in stock.A
335EVFC Team Championships: Change of rules agreed. proposed FM 2nd PB unanimousD 
336Meeting closed 16.35 Date of next meeting: Saturday 14 January 2012 10a.m. Chippenham D 

Documents Submitted

# Title Who View
22Treasurer's ReportJRM
23Forecast for 2012JRM
50Domestic Fencing Officer's ReportPB

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