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British Veterans Championships 2010

Austin Rose. He was fencing well and was ranked 2nd after the poules. Then he came up against Robert Kiss who had started poorly and was ranked 15th. Robert went on to win the competition

“The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion”

Jean Claude Killy

Austen Rose



BVF Championships 2014

Sabre seems to be in the hands of the North East. Lazlo's provided the Mens and Womens sabre champions

Do take the time to apply for membership. There is nothing to lose and a great deal to gain

Henry de Silva, President

Veterans Events in Europe
Nov 04Vetrov EpeeRUSSt PetersburgEDetails 
Nov 04Spanish Veterans CircuitESPMadridF E S  
Nov 04Italian Veterans Circuit - 2ITACasertaE  
Nov 05Oslo CupNOROsloEDetails 
Nov 12French Vets CircuitFRALe HavreE  
Nov 19VetCupNEDAlkmaarF E SDetailsContact
Nov 25French Vets CircuitFRALe Mee sur Seine (near Paris)F  
Dec 02Italian Veterans Circuit - 2ITALocation ?F S  
Dec 08Spanish Veterans CircuitESPBurgosF E S  
Dec 09French Vets CircuitFRAVal d'Europe (near Paris)F E  

European Team Championships, Medway 2016

Jane and Michele modelling the new BVF tracksuit for ET16. They went on to win Gold Medal in WS

Narey and Hutchison

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