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Photo by John Mason

Age Group Qualifiers 2008

Jacques Portal, a new member from the West Midlands, fencing in his first vets competition. Welcome to Veterans Fencing, Jacques!


BVF Championships 2014

Georgina Usher with the Gold Medal and Womens Epée trophy

Forthcoming BVF Events
Aug 23Veterans Training Camp, Valles (BZ), Italy
Aug 29Ohrid Lake Cup, Struga, Macedonia
Sep 05Veterans Winton Cup, Lilleshall
Oct 20Veterans World Championships, Limoges, France
Nov 29BVF v Royal Navy, HMS President 72 St Katharines Way. London. E1W 1UQ

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Why do people join the NVA? Everyone remarks on the spirit and the atmosphere at the competitions. This comes from our having a common love of fencing and interest in the skill of the sport. Vets have usually given up the regular competitive circuit but the fencing brain is still there as sharp as ever

Henry de Silva, President

Veterans Events in Europe
Aug 22German Veterans CircuitGERBerlinF E SDetails 
Aug 23Veterans Training CampITAValles (BZ), ItalyF E SDetails 
Aug 29Ohrid Lake CupMKDStruga, Macedonia E SDetails 
Oct 03Vetrov EpeeRUSSt PetersburgEDetails 
Oct 20Veterans World ChampionshipsFIELimoges, FranceF E SDetails 
Kate O'Connell

BVF Championships 2013

Kate O'Connell in her first vets championships. She reached the semi-final in Womens Foil

“By sports like these are all their cares beguil'd,
The sports of children satisfy the child”

Oliver Goldsmith, The Traveller

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