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Photo by Graham Lawes

Veterans Winton Cup 2008, Lilleshall National Sports Centre

The SW team won the first Veterans Winton Cup event. The Cup was donated by Bobby and Sir Ncholas Winton. Bobby Winton travelled to Lilleshall to present the Cup in person.


World Championships, Cairo 2019

Gillian as tourist

Forthcoming BVF Events
Mar 20EVF Foil Circuit, Graz
Apr 03EVF Sabre and Foil Circuit, Liege
Apr 03EVF Epee Circuit, Drzonków
May 12European Individual Championships, Thionville, France
May 15EVF Foil and Sabre Circuit, Faches
Jul 31BVF International Open, Guildford

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Why do people join the NVA? Everyone remarks on the spirit and the atmosphere at the competitions. This comes from our having a common love of fencing and interest in the skill of the sport. Vets have usually given up the regular competitive circuit but the fencing brain is still there as sharp as ever

Henry de Silva, President

Veterans Events in Europe
Mar 20EVF Foil CircuitAUTGrazF  
Apr 03EVF Sabre and Foil CircuitBELLiegeF S  
Apr 03EVF Epee CircuitPOLDrzonkówE  
May 12European Individual ChampionshipsEVFThionville, FranceF E S  
May 15EVF Foil and Sabre CircuitFRAFachesF S  
Jul 31BVF International OpenGBRGuildfordF E S  
Hampshire Vets

Hampshire Veterans Open 2019

Lucy temporarily suspends 'The spirit of Veterans Fencing'

“Fencing is a game of subtlety, and bluff can be met with counter-bluff”

Charles de Beaumont

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